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Guide by Scott Hadinger
Oct 21, 2020 · 13 min read

With targeted effects for almost everything and everyone, cannabis consumers have never been on a more LEVEL playing field.

There's more to marijuana than THC. There’s a whole world of weed that many of us haven’t even tried, and these bud-filled blends will blur the lines of what it means to consume cannabisLEVEL’s thoughtful cannabinoid concentrations offer help beyond the high with everything from stress and anxiety to a better night’s sleep and newfound focus.

So whether you prefer to vape, chew or swallow your weed, LEVEL's catalog of Gum, HashTabs, ProTabs, Tablinguals, and PAX Pods has you covered. And as always, the PCC sussed out the best from the rest, so scroll down and stock up on these healthy and helpful highs. 


Quoted: "These unfortunately don't offer much of anything at all. I wish there was a bit more to ‘em, but they just provide a very mild body calm."

Pros: These are a solid option for those with little to no tolerance, or really anyone looking to regain center and get a minor mood boost without any sort of heavy high. Pop a couple for a calming sense of warmth that’ll leave you relaxed and grounded.

Cons: These just miss the mark. Flavor and effects could both offer more, scroll down for products offering a better experience for your buck.

Quoted: "Preparing a lesson plan for a screenwriting class, and I'm focused AF. These feel like Adderall. A little euphoric, tons of energy and focus."

Pros: Dissolve one of these under your tongue for a subtle high and mood-boosting focus that can help keep you on track. The low concentrations of three cannabinoids work together to help you brainstorm and meet deadlines with ease. Keep a pack in your bag or desk to annihilate anxiety and get yourself out of a midday slump.

Cons: None to note, just be sure you aren't taking these to feel truly stoned.

Quoted: "These Tablinguals offer a really great start to the morning. It can be hard getting back into the swing of things on a Monday, but one of these has really helped me kick start my day."

Pros: Labeled as a “non-existent” high, these pair well with your morning coffee to provide uplifting energy that's perfect for starting the day off on the right foot. Expect light effects to give you a persistent mood boost that’ll help you get shit done and maintain focus without ever feeling overwhelmed.

Cons: None to note.

Quoted: "Pleasantly surprised to see how well this was able to ease me into sleep. Not a buzzed or high feeling, just a natural calming effect. And I slept great!"

Pros: Beyond being a reliable sleep aid that knocks you out fast and keeps you down for the count, these Tablinguals will eliminate any stress or anxiety to help you transition from a hectic day to dreamland without ever feeling wrecked or worried.

Cons: None to note, just don’t expect to be energetic or active.

Quoted: "The new and improved Tylenol. This melted away my headache and physical stress and replaced it with a pleasant, light body buzz and mood boost. A perfect everyday relief product."

Pros: Let these spearmint sublinguals dissolve under your tongue for subtle effects that melt away stress and anxiety. Think Tylenol meets Adderall. Expect a mild and soothing high that provides focus, energy and inspiration, so relish in this reliable relief that’ll lift you out of the fog without sending you into the stratosphere.

Cons: None to note, this is the type of product that should put LEVEL on your radar.

Quoted: "This gives me quite a focused state of mind. I’m really into my workout, and I’m glad this product exists. It’s psychologically calming regardless of how hard I push myself, and it’s also good for anxiety."

Pros: These Tablinguals are quite possibly the most reliable, fast-acting stress killers cannabis can offer. Be it social anxiety or a looming deadline, expect these to provide a barrier from bad vibes and help you find your center when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Get ready to be calm, relaxed and ready for the rest of your day.

Cons: With a score of 95, you know these are top-notch.


Quoted: "Great session! I took this with my coffee and morning work. It’s been lasting a long time for a sativa type, which is awesome in my opinion."

Pros: The potency of this tablet might seem scary, but it provides surprisingly light, even-keeled effects perfect for starting your day and jamming through a few tasks. And unlike the ProTabs, these offer a more approachable, earthy taste to make the intake experience a bit more enjoyable.

Cons: Its 25mg of THC could probably hit harder, and the munchies may find you, which can be good or bad based on your setting and what you’re looking for.

Quoted: "Stoned as a motherfucker. I’ve had the best kind of wake-and-bake chill day inside, and I’m incredibly relaxed and calm. Gonna throw on a movie in a bit and zone out."

Pros: This potent tablet will leave you truly stoned, so save it for a day off to send yourself into outer space. Expect the type of zoned-out effects that’ll leave you forgetting what just happened in the movie you put on, and where you left the sandwich you know you just made. Or did you?

Cons: None to note, just know that this is one of their more potent offerings that isn’t for the faint of heart. 


Quoted: "Things have been stressful lately (to say the least). Just looking for a little reprieve, and I really enjoy the mental pick-me-up this gum gives me."

Pros: This could offer a bit more in the way of its intake, but the effects more than make up for it. And knowing LEVEL, they’ll dial in the formula and we’ll all be chewing cannabis gum soon enough. For now, enjoy this approachable and productive high that offers light euphoria and a body buzz that pairs well with both your workday and social situations.

Cons: It could be more pleasant to chew, but we love the mix of a sublingual and regular edible experience.

Quoted: "Took two about 20 minutes ago. This is genuinely amazing gum! The effects feel nice too. I had no idea this was a thing."

Pros: This gum will have you giggling and going with the flow in no time. Pop a few pieces to get a sunny disposition on even the most dreary and demanding days. The effects provide a solid mood boost that’s great for social situations and setting off on an aimless adventure.

Cons: None to note, and the taste and texture offer a better experience than the Hybrid above.

Quoted: "This gum tastes incredible. Very much like a piece of Trident or Orbit. I could see this product being one of my go-tos!"

Pros: This mellow CBD gum is a great starting point for those new to consuming cannabis. Expect to feel relaxed, calm, and centered without a traditionally heavy high taking things too far. Use this for an instant and discreet mood boost or reliable post-workout relief.

Cons: None to note, and the flavor and texture just seem to get better and better!

Pax Pods

Quoted: "Doing some painting now, it’s a subtle but present high that provides a nice creative uplift."

Pros: This aptly named pod will provide the jolt you need to find your flow state and breeze through a to-do list. The concentrate was crafted from Jack Herer flower, which pairs just as well with your workday as it does getting into nature on the weekends. Expect an earthy, pine-forward aroma and uplifting effects. 

Cons: None to note.

Quoted: "Playing with the dog and making phone calls. Just enhancing whatever mundane activity I'm currently doing. Feel totally calm and present. Not even getting irritated or annoyed with my dog, who is currently running around like a maniac.”

Pros: If you’re feeling frustrated or battling anxiety, hit this to vanquish bad vibes and go with the flow. Expect smooth pulls to lead to soothing effects that’ll leave you happy and calm. So find a couch or hammock, kick up your feet and give into the amiable and easygoing evening ahead.

Cons: A bit of light dry mouth is a possibility.

Quoted: “I have a million things going on—and I’m a bit stressed and overwhelmed with it all. Rather than running around frantically, this CBD pod is really helping me ease things down a bit and focus on each task at hand."

Pros: This pod provides reliable relief in the form of a 3:1 CBD to THC concentrate and smooth, blueberry-filled pulls. Keep one around for a post-workout pick-me-up that’ll ease what ails you and get you ready to conquer the rest of your day. It’s also great for happy hours and weekends to help you unwind without getting too high.

Cons: Keep some water handy to cancel out some light dry mouth.

Quoted: "This strain went right to my head! The flavor has been the best so far of the pods I’ve rated, and it’s a nice relaxing way to start the day. I feel calm, creative and content.”

Pros: This Blue Dream Pod will brighten your day in a hurry. Whether you woke up on the wrong side of the bed or are just looking for a bit of rocket fuel to pair with your coffee, grab this to take off and take on the day. It’s the type of pod that can keep you lifted through a party, while also soothing your hangover the next morning.

Cons: Some slight dry mouth, which seems to be a theme with LEVEL’s PAX pods.


Quoted: "Fell asleep, and it was such a good, well-rested sleep. I like that this doesn’t just knock you out. It slowly gets you sleepy in a natural way."

Pros: These potent, indica-leaning tablets are a great option for winding down at the end of a long day. The experience leans more medicinal, which might make them more approachable to those apprehensive about smoking or vaping. Pop one in the evening and feel the stress of your day melt away before you fall asleep with ease.

Cons: None to note, just don’t take these until you’ve finished your to-do list.

Quoted: "I’ve never had a product like this before, and I didn’t know what to expect. The effects were pretty chill and soothing. All I feel is relaxation and focus—and it feels good."

Pros: If you’re looking for uplifting, creative and relieving effects without being truly stoned, then these are a great go-to. The medicinal intake leads to equally medicinal effects that pair perfectly with getting outdoors, getting to work and getting out of your head.

Cons: It may not get the highest marks for flavor, but you’re just supposed to throw it back with a glass of water anyway.

Quoted: "I fucking love these, wow. They taste disgusting and are unpleasant to consume, but I suppose there must be a price to pay for this sort of high."

Pros: While many of LEVEL’s Protabs have specific and targeted effects, this hybrid rides the line to provide an even-keeled high that’s just as good for starting your day as it is capping it off. Pair these with your morning coffee to get a creative boost you can use to crush the workday, or pop one at night to mellow out on the couch with a good book or documentary.

Cons: Per usual, the taste leaves something to be desired. But do you like the taste of any pill you’ve taken?

Quoted: "Took this tablet about an hour ago, and I'm just now starting to feel a nice sense of calmness. You can even say I'm feeling content. No aches and pains are screaming for attention, and I just feel at peace. Sitting out on my patio with the dog, feeling good."

Pros: This tab is kind of like a great passive friend whose presence isn't overtly known, but they always have your back. Expect a sense of calm and light waves of relief to leave you soothed and content. Reach for these to ease tension and anxiety, brainstorm or meditate and regain your center.

Cons: None to note.

Quoted: "Took this pill about 45 minutes ago. I feel like I have a weighted blanket on me, and I sort of wish I took this at night because I can easily go back to sleep. Alas, it’s the morning, so I think I’ll just lay on this couch a bit and catch up on some shows."

Pros: Give these a try if you suffer from insomnia or are just looking for a good night’s sleep. You’ll most likely find yourself relaxed as hell, and some users reported feeling truly sedated. Those with higher tolerances were able to power through and get a few things done, but with such solid, sleep-focused effects, why would you want to?

Cons: None to note, just know that you won't be able to get much done.

Quoted: "Wow, I’m obsessed with these. I feel incredible with a full tab and a half bottle of wine in me. I literally haven't a single worry, and I’m not sleepy at all! I have nothing bad to say about these."

Pros: These are certainly for someone that’s been around the block. If you’re looking to start your day with jet fuel instead of coffee, or jam on a project so intensely that your cat might get worried about you—take this heavy sativa dose to the face and prepare for liftoff.

Cons: None to note, but if you have a low tolerance this could be a fairly heavy dose.

Quoted: "OK, this is incredible. I don’t feel stoned, but I feel BETTER. My exhausted body has been relieved, and I don’t feel sedated or stuck to the couch."

Pros: These aren't a sort of gas-station gimmick filled with false promises and questionable ingredients, they really work. Each tablet has a curated cannabinoid profile for targeted effects and reliable results. Pop one before you pass out to ensure a good night's sleep, and reach for them on life's tougher mornings to turn off the alarms and keep a bad day at bay.

Cons: None to note, consume these with confidence.

Quoted: "These are truly awesome. My premenstrual symptoms are non-existent! I’m just doing some binge watching before bed, and I’m super-duper relaxed."

Pros: These pills are the perfect partner for almost anything. Whether you need to relieve aches and anxiety or are just looking for a mood boost and chill vibes to start your day, look no further. Expect reliable relief and a state of bliss you really shouldn't miss.

Cons: None to note, just don’t expect a conventionally heavy high. 

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