Indica Protab


Product Details

25mg THC
Serving Size
1 ProTab
Microcrystalline, cellulose, delta-9 tetrahydrocannbinol, croscarmellose dioxide, magnesium stearate, steam distilled cannabis terpenoids

Product Description

Take your spa day to the next level or settle into sleep with the extra-strength, ultra-relaxing effects of our Indica Protab. Each swallowable tablet contains 25 mg of THC and takes effect in 30–90 minutes, with a duration of 3–6 hours. Should you want to consume a lighter dose, they’re scored so you can easily split one in half.

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Backed by science-driven research and innovation, LEVEL delivers dependable products to accompany customers on their cannabis journey. Their unique formulations include high concentrations of rare cannabinoids, such as CBG, CBN, THCA, THCV, and delta-8 THC, and offer endless possibilities for targeted effects. With a deep respect for the cannabis plant, LEVEL sets the industry standard for consistency and purity. So trust in their products to help you explore the entourage effect of cannabinoids working in concert with one another, and send your next session to new heights.

Expert Review


Review by Luca Belloiu

Nov 25, 2020 · 4 min read

The Indica Protab by LEVEL delivers the sort of targeted and potent dose of relaxing vibes and deep sleep that was foretold by the ancients.

IN REVIEW: LEVEL’s Protabs aren’t for the uninitiated, and unlike some heavy edibles, splitting one into multiple pieces isn’t really an option. But for those looking for reliable relief from aches, pains, anxiety or insomnia, you’d be hard-pressed to do better. And for those who just want to take the plunge after a hard day or week, you can expect to be rewarded in the form of unrelenting relaxation and euphoria that will make you one with the couch for a night of complete comfort.

It should be stated from the start that 25mg of THC is normally my ceiling when it comes to edibles. Any more than that could result in me climbing onto my neighbor’s roof and singing the H.M.S Pinafore. This Indica Protab spared the neighborhood that performance while still leading me towards my psychoactive limits. I was rewarded with a waking dreamscape of relaxation followed by an all-encompassing calm.

I ultimately decided to just splay out on my yoga mat with the lights off and pretend I was tilling the maze garden of a rural castle in feudal Japan.

The onset came on like a ninja in the night. One second you’re watering your one remaining aloe plant and the next you feel like you’ve somehow been snuck up upon by a secretive Samurai clan. As is the custom amongst this elusive warrior tribe, I’d be nursed back to health using botanicals mixed together by the daughter of the village elder. (The translation here is that it took me a good minute or two to get my bearings once I felt the full brunt of this Protab take hold. My wife then suggested I lay on the sofa and watch some Frasier reruns.) I ultimately decided to just splay out on my yoga mat with the lights off and pretend I was tilling the maze garden of a rural castle in feudal Japan. Clearly, this high had turned my night into a fanciful choose-your-own-adventure story. I would just close my eyelids and be totally transported.

The tablet took no more than twenty minutes to kick in. Every time I thought I’d reached peak high-ness my brain told me to stand by for more. Sure enough, this buzz would tick its way even higher like a rollercoaster cart reaching its zenith. The dramatic plunge had been replaced with a lazy river ride through the hallways of my mind. A penetrating and insightful experience that can be heaven-sent for the anxious or sleep-deprived.

I felt like I was under the influence of a veteran tour guide. Like I was constantly being visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future, but instead of colonial garb and chains, they were all wearing saris and presenting snapshots of your life like Vanna White turning letters. Essentially, I was taking the time to drop in on my own life and become a passive spectator for a change. Granted, this state is not conducive to tackling work, running errands, or competing in any memory challenges. This is a potent and potentially profound high that seems to trigger parts of your consciousness that are seldom sparked. It just won’t jive well with the mundane facets of everyday grown-up stuff.

In addition to the 25mg of THC, each indica tablet also contains Delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinols. They’re also flavorless, and it’s recommended that you swallow ‘em with a glass of water. It made for a unique high that, while potent, could also be fun when you surrender yourself to it. This will work best for those stressed to the gills and just seeking an escape. The same goes for pain sufferers and those who have a hard time falling asleep.

This is a potent and potentially profound high that seems to trigger parts of your consciousness that are seldom sparked.

The ride goes like this: Chilling hard, euphoric awe, chilling hard, euphoric awe, and then SLEEP. It’s like one moment you’re fantasizing about being this totally mellow person who probably has a cool surfer’s cottage by the beach and wears denim jeans to play volleyball and listens to Gerry Rafferty while making the most effortlessly delicious guacamole, and before you can untangle your Top Gun fanfiction, you’re totally asleep. Like an Acme anvil falling on your head type of asleep.

This Protab gets you high in the sense that it lifts so many mental barriers that you realize you’ve been high the whole time, and that what you’re really experiencing is awareness. That awareness should not be mistaken for alertness though. This is a deliberate and plodding high designed to unwind you and ultimately knock you out as if you’re on your way to visit the Batcave.