Lithouse Flower, Ranked
Guide by Scott Hadinger
Feb 05, 2021 · 6 min read

Follow these pheno fanatics to find your new favorite high.

Just as the world's top wine growing regions have premier wineries, the Emerald Triangle has brands like Lithouse. Their indoor-grown flower can go trichome to trichome with that of any other cannabis cultivator, and they’ve got the accolades to prove it. 

We can't recommend their unforgettable products enough, and if they keep up this trend of consistent high scores they’re going to have more hits in the 90s than Madonna. Scroll down and stock up on some bud that's truly in a league of its own, and once you've found your favorite, be sure to rate it yourself through our community reviews to help put to rest which is best. 

Quoted: “That high was like a roller coaster. A fast head high that’s pretty strong, and then you get sleepy as it wears off.”

Pros: This mood-boosting beauty is perfect for evenings or weekends without an agenda. Expect to feel uplifted as waves of euphoria slowly lead you to a state of pure relaxation. Settle in, stream something and set phasers to chill.

Cons: None to note, this is one dragon you should chase.

Quoted: “This flower is great for work and chores. Cleaned my whole apartment and I feel super upbeat and happy. This flower is stunning.”

Pros: These bright buds offer an equally bright and uplifting experience that’s just as great for getting outdoors as it is knocking out some chores. Expect smooth smoke and a stimulating experience that’s also perfect for social situations.

Cons: Nada

Quoted: “What a beautiful sativa. The smell is complex and spicy, the flavor is floral and the high is great. I'm about to host a BBQ for my friends on my deck and I think this is literally the perfect weed for the occasion.”

Pros: This weed is like jeans, it goes with everything. Whether you want to pump yourself up before going out or watch the clouds go by on the weekend, this buds for you. So take a puff or two, and get ready to feel a sort of buzzy optimism that won’t allow anything bring you down.

Cons: If you’re new to cannabis, start slow to avoid any anxiety.

Quoted: “The perfect high for an Ikea trip.”

Pros: This is one of those hybrids that seems to hit differently for different people, but it generally offers a pretty heavy head high and balanced body buzz. Take a hit or two while you’re hanging out with your friends to feel energetic, clear and elevated.

Cons: The high is kind of like a mystery flavor, you never really know what you’re going to get.

Quoted: “I just put on a face mask and I’m winding down for the evening. It’s a pretty tough time in history right now, and smoking a sweet indica joint at the end of the day feels perfect.”

Pros: If you’re looking for reliable relief from any aches, pains or anxiety, you found it. This true indica is ready to settle you into a few soothing hours before it eventually leaves you sedated. Expect instant waves of euphoria to wash over you and leave you smiling and stress free.

Cons: None to note, just don’t expect to be active.

6. Runtz

Quoted: "Finished a vape of this after coffee and some morning work. Really feeling it. This is some genuine top-shelf flower!"

Pros: This flower clocks in at 31% THC, meaning beginners beware, but seasoned stoners can break out their sleds because these buds have frosty trichomes thicker than snow. Expect a heavy-hitting experience that offers relief and a solid replacement for booze.

Cons: Some slight munchies, but it's nothing a few snacks cant solve.

Quoted: "This is a do-it-all kind of high. Great uplifting head buzz without any jitters or negative side effects. I can imagine using this strain for almost any occasion."

Pros: This balanced hybrid provides a creative spark perfect to take into any project, and enough energy to make quick work of the few chores you've been putting off. Expect citrusy smoke to offer an inspiring mood boost that’s great for making your next masterpiece.

Cons: The head high can hit hard, so new users should go slow.

Quoted: "Great vibes right out of the gates with this one. Totally relaxed and totally enamored with the nature outside my window. I think I'm gonna go for a lovely stroll.”

Pros: This flower offers one of those crazy-reliable and happy highs that’s hard to find. Expect an instant shot of energetic inspiration that begs you to get outside and take pleasure in the little things. Take a joint on a nature walk and get lost in a joyful state of bliss.

Cons: Not a damn one.

Quoted: "I'm listening to music with my friend, it's super nice. I feel really floaty and relaxed. Really good weed for just chilling later in the evening or on a day when you have nothing to do."

Pros: This is one of those premier LitHouse phenos that vaulted them clear into the top tier. Expect sweet, fruity and smooth smoke to give way to a high that's balanced between body and mind. Fire this up in the evening, turn on some tunes and tune out bad vibes.

Cons: Move along, nothing to see here.

Quoted: "Perfect! Doing outside chores and gonna run the dog. This cannabis is well-grown. Purple, red-haired, frosty, crisp, energetic! It's not the strain we asked for, it's the strain we deserve."

Pros: Treat yourself to this Emerald Cup award winner for an unforgettable experience that pairs perfectly with damn near anything. The smooth smoke and citrusy herbal notes will lift your spirits and have you ready for whatever lies ahead, be it getting lost in internet rabbit holes or getting out of the house and into nature.

Cons: None to note.

Quoted: "This is a supremely relaxing flower that made me fall in love with weed again. Great for day or night, it's an anxiety-free joyfest. I'll seek it out again for sure."

Pros: This is some of the finest flower money can buy. It’s rare a product scores a perfect 100 in our system, and this Cannabis Cup winner comes through again and again with a sweet aroma, syrupy smoke and even high that’ll melt away any frustrations and leave you in euphoric bliss.

Cons: That you aren’t currently smoking it while reading this. 

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