Dark Dosi



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29% THC
Sweet, Earthy

Product Description

LINEAGE: GSC x Face-Off OG TASTE: sweet earthy palate, with a robust syrupy flavor and sugar-glazed gassy aroma HIGH: deep relaxation, full-body high PROFILE: our stand-out LitHouse flower, Dark Dosi is a customer favorite, with a sweet earthy taste and deeply relaxing high. We’ve meticulously perfected our cultivation to balance show-stopping beauty with a profound relaxation – a blissful full-body high. Tried and true, LitHouse Dark Dosi is a perfect 10. AWARDS: 2019 High Times Cannabis Cup - Flower 2019 High Times Cannabis Cup - Pre-Rolls

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Expert Review

Dark Dosi Is In A League Of Its Own

Review by Luca Belloiu

Aug 20, 2020 · 4 min read

This premium strain from a premier grower has a perfect score, and it’ll leave you wanting more.

IN REVIEW: Dark Dosi is one of those strains that elevates the entire game. One of those highs that makes you remember how transcendental an experience with cannabis can be. From appearance and aroma to effects and smokability, expect to be blown away. It’s an indica-leaning flower that provides the perfect amount of balanced euphoria to leave you in a state of bliss. Buy this with confidence whenever you see it, and get ready to embrace the dark side.

 Dark Dosi from LitHouse was nothing short of a revelation. This is a potent flower that delivers a consistent and sometimes awe-inspiring high. As far as indicas go, I’d be hard-pressed to remember a more joyful and euphoric experience.

My first reaction to this flower was that it totally loosens you up and gives you the impression that you’re as light as a feather. It was as if all my stress and anxiety was standing on the bow of an ocean liner and I waved goodbye to it from the safety of an old wooden dock—watching it disappear over the horizon as I wished it well. The tension in my face just started to melt away. I likened it to a deep-muscle cleansing.