Pacific Stone Products, Ranked
Guide by Scott Hadinger
Mar 01, 2021 · 7 min read

Looking to smoke some classic California cannabis? Pacific Stone has you covered.

Pacific Stone is a Santa Barbara brand growing some of the finest sunkissed cannabis in California. From beautiful buds to clean, full-spectrum concentrates, they produce and pack all of their primo products on site. Implementing state of the art processes and staying true to the plant has made their entire catalog something to celebrate, and their mixed-light method of growing allows their products to remain affordable and accessible.

If you’re a cannacurious consumer that’s new to the game, their hybrid products make for a balanced and approachable place to start. And for those looking to branch out into something more specific, their sativa and indica strains offer more targeted effects to help you start your day the right way, and get out of your head so you can get to bed.


Quoted: "I just finished a run, and I’m getting ready to eat dinner and relax for the evening. I could’ve used more for my tolerance, but it’s been fairly light and complementary rather than overpowering or intoxicating."

Pros: This flower is a great option for post-workout relief, as it helps with any aches or pains with the added benefit of not bogging you down for the rest of the day. It’s also an approachable entry point for the cannacurious, with light effects that lend themselves more towards relaxation than anxiety.

Cons: This flower is a bit of a mixed bag. Some loved it for its therapeutic qualities, and more seasoned stoners thought it could offer more.

5. Banjo

Quoted: "This is a very smooth flower that gives a nice energetic boost to your day. I feel motivated and alert, but my body has a nice mellow warmth to it. Perfect for outdoor activities or a post-work hang."

Pros: This mood booster is a solid everyday option for smokers at any tolerance level, and yet another go-to for those just getting into the game. Expect effects that’ll inspire you to get outdoors and tackle a new trail, or pick up a pen or paintbrush to make your next masterpiece.

Cons: While you won’t have trouble hitting the sack a few hours down the line, don’t expect an instant sleep aid.

Quoted: "It’s about that time of day where I need a pick-me-up, and this flower seems like a great choice. I’m feeling elevated and focused on what I need to get done, and I can’t help but be intrigued by the scent and flavor."

Pros: This indica-dominant hybrid provides chill vibes and a case of the munchies that’ll leave you couch locked and loving life. The intake experience is top notch, with floral notes and smooth smoke putting you into a smile-filled sublime state.

Cons: As mentioned, the munchies are a comin’, so be prepared.

Quoted: "Just a few hits of this helps my anxiety so much. I feel physically relaxed and able to slowly drift through my evening. I really prefer this after work when I’m home and have the night to myself."

Pros: This happy high is a helpful sleep aid, and great for anyone looking for a weeknight wind down or weekend binge candidate. The calming buzz is just as solid for helping you kick back and relax as it is kicking aches and pains to the curb and putting you to bed.

Cons: Don’t reach for this if you need to focus or finish a task, as it probably won't help you with either.

Quoted: "This hybrid is just what I needed. A little pick me up with a side of chill. I would enjoy this flower on many different adventures, but it's also great for cleaning my house or working on a project."

Pros: All of Pacific Stone’s flower is fire, but some of their products truly stand out. This smooth-hitting sour provides light waves of euphoria, and it’ll make whatever you choose to do a little bit better. Expect social and energetic effects that’ll help you power through outdoor adventures and creative pursuits.

Cons: None to note, stock up and share this social strain!

1. Orange

Quoted: "This was awesome for my workout. I felt motivated, but more importantly I was able to stay present and push beyond my typical ‘tired’ phase where I'd usually slow down. This was such a great aid for me to power past barriers in my own mind."

Pros: If you like to smoke before working out, you just found your new gym partner. This flower will give you the clear head and energetic boost you need to push through your workout with ease, and it has staying power so you can get back to work without skipping a beat after winding down.

Cons: None to note, just don’t light this one up right before lights out.


Quoted: “This is a great joint. I’ve been flat out exhausted from loads of extra work and moving. I feel perked up, and it’s a really smooth smoking experience to boot."

Pros: This pre-roll pack offers 14 half-gram joints and endless possibilities. With approachable effects that’ll mold to whatever you choose to do, these mood-boosting beauties are just as great for a day out at Disneyland as they are lazing around during a weed-filled weekend.

Cons: None to note, but they aren’t terribly strong, so don’t expect to be sent into the stratosphere.

Quoted: “The mellow elements of this high balance well with a cocktail, and I never felt too intoxicated. The effects seem like they’d be really good for people that regularly feel anxious or overwhelmed.”

Pros: This anxiety-busting joint is perfect for brainstorming some creative endeavors before bed. Expect a smooth-hitting experience to erase any stress and leave you in a relaxed and calm state. Just hit this and check out.

Cons: While you'll get a burst of creativity, don’t expect any period of prolonged energy.

Quoted: "I’m hitting this on the beach in Malibu as I tidepool and explore the ocean with my dog. It's a vivid high. Not overwhelming, but certainly noticeable. I started off feeling a bit energetic, but now I’m relaxing to the sound of the waves."

Pros: Like its full-flower counterpart, this happy and easygoing sativa will help you live in the moment and love the hell out of life. The effects from this uplifting pre-roll pair perfectly with being outside, but if you need a partner to help you power through your to-do list, this will also make your chores seem like less of a bore.

Cons: None to note, this is an approachable daytime product for users at any tolerance level.

Quoted: "These smooth-hitting joints are really putting my mind at ease. I was a bit stressed earlier this morning, but this pre-roll has put me on a path towards serenity. I’m watching a documentary, enjoying potato chips and checking out, thank you very much!"

Pros: Each pre-roll in this two-pack contains a single-origin OG that’s ready to help you right the ship, or make an already good day great. Whether you want to hop in a bubble bath with your partner or solve a problem that’s been bugging you, the floral flavor and even-keeled effects will have you ready for anything.

Cons: None to note, these approachable pre-rolls will make any evening extraordinary.

All-In-One Vapes

Quoted: "This is a slick looking vaporizer that’s easy to draw from, and the resin provides a nice head high that has me relaxing for the first time today. I’m chilling on the patio, listening to the birds and reading a magazine. I’m lounging hard."

Pros: This all-in-one vape will help you get out of your head and enjoy your afternoon. It’s an additive-free, cold-filtered, full-spectrum resin that offers long-lasting and true-to-form effects. While that may seem like a mouthful, it doesn’t compare to the smooth and sweet vapor you’ll be reaching for again and again.

Cons: Some users reported harsh hits, so this should be reserved for cloud chasers. 

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