The Best Chocolate Edibles, Ranked
Guide by Scott Hadinger
Jul 28, 2020 · 10 min read

We regularly rate and review the best chocolate cannabis confections around to give you the lowdown on some sweet highs.

Is there a single situation that can’t be made better by the combination of chocolate and cannabis? After trying these products in almost every setting and situation imaginable, we don't think so. Whether you need reliable relief or the perfect party pairing, we got you.

From the best bites and bars to killer cookies and clusters, we've covered every flavor, texture and effect to help you find your high. Dig in to discover your new go-to indulgence, and be sure to rate them yourself after you give ‘em a shot to help us put to rest which is best.

Quoted: "For me at least, a little bit of these go a long way. I’m really impressed with the potency. I just feel really light, happy, and soothed. Even my skin feels better."

Pros: Each of these delicious blueberries has 2mg of THC, making them perfectly doseable and a great entry point for those new to edibles. Pop one for each item you check off a to-do list for a high that’ll build to a relaxing reward by the time you're done. Expect uplifting and balanced effects perfect for almost anything. 

Cons: None to note, the clean high comes and goes without worry or being weighed down.

Quoted: "This is an excellent tasting cookie; light and airy, but still chocolatey and sweet! The high can best be described as chill as fuck. I have no plans today at all and don’t think I’ll leave my couch much, so this is perfect."

Pros: With all of the new, fast-acting edibles out there, it’s nice to find a cookie that hits in an old-school way. These are incredibly tasty and provide couch-locked, zoned-out effects reminiscent of old stoner culture. Expect a balanced body buzz and head high, and use these as a post workout or stress reliever as any pain and anxiety will soon be shown the door.

Cons: Not necessarily a negative, but they do take a bit to kick in.

Quoted: "I feel super energized, and I'm doing the advanced version of my daily workout video! Let’s go!"

Pros: The healthy combination of dark chocolate, balanced cannabinoids and crunchy almonds means you can enjoy this sweet treat pretty much entirely guilt free. Expect light effects to provide a burst of energy before they settle you into a relaxed state, making them the perfect pre- and post-workout companion.

Cons: None to note, just don’t expect a heavy high. 

Quoted: "I feel relaxed and chill. I took the doggy for a walk and stopped and smelled the roses."

Pros: This is a solid option for new users, but each bite also provides a gentle and doseable high for every cannabis consumer. The heavy CBD should help with nagging aches and pains, and the low amount of THC means you can eat as much as you want without fear of going too far.

Cons: No real high to be had, but it also shouldn’t be expected.

Quoted: "Man, I said it once & I’ll say it again...this chocolate is so good! It’s dangerous how good it is. It gives such a sweet high, too. Loving it so far."

Pros: This is essentially a better tasting Almond Hershey’s Bar that boosts your mood and provides balanced energy. The texture is smooth, the flavors perfectly salty and sweet and the effects ideal for kick starting your day. Pair this with your coffee to make it a powerful focusing mocha that’ll have you jamming through a project in no time.

Cons: Those new to edibles should start with half a square—going too hard can cause racy effects and anxiety.

Quoted: "As the edible starts to kick in, I’m immediately starting to feel more upbeat and creative. Work has had me pretty stiff, but I feel like I’m loosening up. Listening to music which sounds really dynamic. Body is soothed and heavier, head is uplifted and light."

Pros: These have a similar taste and texture to Tootsie Rolls, and a high that’s balanced and buoyant. The effects offer the best of both worlds and won't bog you down, meaning you can still knock out task after task while riding gentle waves of euphoria. Share these before going out for the evening, or take one down and take a book outside for some relaxed and rewarding alone time.

Cons: The time it takes for the high to settle in seems to vary, but once it does you won't be disappointed.

Quoted: “This is keeping my anxiety spiral at bay, which is good because I was in panic mode. It also tastes SO good and would be perfect for period crampy days when you just want chocolate and relief."

Pros: Great texture and aroma lead to an equally killer flavor that isn’t weedy and doesn’t linger. This bar provides chill vibes that finish on the sedative side for some, so reach for this on a Sunday without an agenda.

Cons: Almost none to note, but if you aren’t quite ready for a day-ender then you might want to keep it to one segment.

Quoted: "Fabulous taste and a really nice euphoric high. I feel as if I'm floating in and out of consciousness. Great recreational edible."

Pros: This bar boasts a combination of flavors that’s almost too good to be true. The uplifting effects are likened to their other bars, meaning you’re sure to be in for a good time filled with uplifting effects.

Cons: The sedative side may hit some slightly harder than others.

Quoted: "It’s Halloween, so I’m eating pizza, handing out candy, and watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

Pros: While white chocolate isn’t for everyone, the effects this bar provides certainly should be. Don’t sleep on the flavor combo though—spiced crumble and a hint of lemon zest shine through in the decadent and creamy chocolate. Expect your high to cover the whole spectrum, which starts with an energetic mood boost and fades to having you zoned out on the couch a few hours later.

Cons: Start with half a square—going further from the get-go could have you supremely stoned (which obviously isn’t bad if that’s what you're looking for).

Quoted: "Starting to prep my dinner and am trying not to think about negative things. These edibles make it very easy to do so, relatively speaking. I’m happy and comfortable."

Pros: These are damn near perfect in both taste and effects felt. The chocolate is smooth and creamy, and the strawberry flavor is anything but artificial. Expect a calming sense of euphoria that’ll help you turn a bad day around, or make the good ones that much better. The high truly does hit quickly, and it'll leave you soothed from any aches or pains, and focused enough to still get through anything you planned.

Cons: None to note, choose your high by taking as many of these 3mg bites your day (or tolerance) allows.

Quoted: "I ate half a square, which was nutty and tasted like Cocoa Crisps. Around 30 min later I feel pleasantly uplifted, almost like the first beer after a long week. My head feels light and floaty while my body is relaxed. I am sick, but my body is experiencing some temporary relief from aches and pains."

Pros: This is the health-conscious chocolate edible built for the trail. Dark chocolate, hazelnuts and pecans are bound by oats and cannabis to offer a uniquely sweet, powerful and uplifting high. Expect comfortable, can-do effects that pair well with a walk through nature—or a walk around the mall if you’re feeling less outdoorsy.

Cons: Be sure to dose correctly! Each cluster has 20mg of THC, which is around four times the recommended amount for those just entering the arena.

Quoted: “These are perfect in the morning. I am obsessed with how delicious they are, and I feel totally blissed out, alert, and focused. Everything is clear and I feel motivated to get everything on my to-do list finished today.”

Pros: Incredible flavor, energizing effects, and a clean, easy comedown make for a one-of-a-kind high that can take you from morning to night. Expect a level of relaxation that won't make you groggy or put you in a fog, and a sense of focus that won’t ever become racy enough to take you over the edge.

Cons: None. These beans are true perfection.

Quoted: "Well I was going to try and do more work, but ended up just trying to talk to my dog."

Pros: Each honey-infused, hefty square contains 30mg of THC and a maxed-out body buzz that’ll leave you truly stoned. Expect waves of euphoria to help you check out and forget about whatever was bothering you. Seasoned stoners should keep this handy for days off without an agenda.

Cons: Beginners beware, taking down a whole serving could result in anxiety. 

Quoted: "These are fabulous! I feel amazing. They're super euphoric and intoxicating, but also energizing and upbeat. They taste good, too."

Pros: Peanut butter cups are the go-to candy choice of many, and the addition of cannabis only makes them that much better.  Each quarter cup is packed with smooth chocolate, creamy peanut butter and 10mg of THC. So instead of simply reaching for a Reese's, sneak one of these in to double down on the sin.

Cons: It’s a cannabis-filled peanut butter cup, what could go wrong? 

Quoted: "This has been a great, even, and super relaxing high. I’m so relaxed I just melted into the couch. Only problem with these is they also taste so good I may end up eating the whole package without thinking!"

Pros: Anything that scores a perfect 100 in our system has to be celebrated. These indica leaning bites offer 3mg of THC apiece, making the excellent doseable options that pair with anything. The body buzz outweighs the head high to keep you in control, and ultimately leave you relaxed on the couch. Eat a couple before you workout for a reliable boost of energy that switches gears to comfort you on the cooldown.

Cons: Zero. Zilch. Nada.

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