Indica Double Chocolate Mini Cookies



Product Details

10mg THC, <0.2mg CBD
Serving Size
1 cookie
Cocoa powder, Chocolate Syrup, Sunflower Lecithin, Enriched Bleached Wheat Flour, Butter, Brown Sugar, Vanilla Pudding, Eggs, Sugar, Baking Soda, Vanilla Extract, Sodium Bicarbonate, Cannabis
Nutrition Facts
Total Fat3g
Saturated Fat1.5g
Total Carb9g

Product Description

Big Pete's Double Chocolate cookies are a delicious treat, available in 10-packs, 6-packs or individually packaged. This Indica leaning strain cookie is a soft batch with a hint of crispiness. Each has 10mg of THC per serving and the cannabutter infusion will leave you with the perfect head high for some Netflix and chill on the couch.

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Expert Review

These Mini Cookies Have Big Effects

Review by Lindsay MaHarry

Jun 05, 2020 · 5 min read

Take the Edge off of Isolation with a double dose of chocolate and THC

IN REVIEW: These delicious Indica Double Chocolate Mini Cookies by Big Pete’s Treats will bring back a rush of nostalgia as they contain a bit of that OG grassy taste. They may not make you more mobile with 10mg of indica leaning THC per cookie, but they will make life more palatable and interesting. Each pack has ten cookies, so eat one to have a solid day on the couch with your partner and Netflix, or take down a few for reliable pain relief and assistance with sleep.

At this stage in the pandemic, we’re far too aware of the unprecedented amount of free time on our hands. In the beginning, it was utter chaos. Weeks flew by, a blur of CNN email alerts, empty toilet paper aisles, and Tiger King memes. Then, we began settling into a slower speed of life. Time continued to decelerate as we searched for ways to navigate the boredom, seeming to settle on homesteady pastimes like gardening and posting pics of sourdough starters.

Now, it’s summer. We’re over it. We’re bored, we miss our friends, and this thing is really starting to fucking suck. In confronting the dredges of what’s left of Netflix content, you confront yourself, too. What kind of person watches Nailed It! for eight hours in a row? I thought in disgust, staring into the dark abyss of night.