Your Ultimate Date Night Cannabis Kit: Washington Edition
Guide by Morgan S
Jan 06, 2020 · 3 min read

Get your date night on with the help of—you guessed it—weed.

If you’ve ever set the mood with a glass of champagne, then you know it’s more likely to enhance what’s already there than create something from scratch. Cannabis is similar. The only difference is that champagne can help a fire along like tinder (the wood, not the app), whereas cannabis acts more like kerosene. In my experience, nothing ignites a spark quite like the right product. Finding the "right" product, however, can be a bit challenging if you're not sure where to start.

Luckily, the Proper Cannabis Committee has smoked, vaped, and eaten their way through all kinds of arousing weed to find you the sexiest stuff out there. These products have balanced, body-centric highs that won't leave you with mood-killing jitters or more interest in your couch than your partner. That said, whether you choose to use them with a partner or for your own self-love purposes is up to you. Either way, you’re bound to have a good-ass time.

Get Your Lubes In Order

Velvet Swing’s Enhanced Sexual Lubricant is made for vaginas, by people with vaginas. The Seattle-based dominatrix behind the formula developed it with a 3:1 ratio of THC to CBD for the ideal balancing act of excitement and relaxation in the bedroom. The effects are better-suited for foreplay and solo-sessions than they are for the grand finale, so don’t wait until things get heated to open up the bottle. Use this about a half-hour before getting intimate to get the best effects, and know that this is one of the only condom-safe weed lubes on the market. Check out the review for the deeper details, or go for BOND's Sensual Oil if you want another good option.

Chocolates, Because Of Course

Goodship's Coffee & Dark Chocolate Bar is a sensational edible from the moment it touches your tongue. The sweet, complex flavor unfolds in layers with a melt-in-your-mouth texture. It's not very potent at 10mg of THC per bar, but will probably leave you pleasantly relaxed so you can continue your night without tension. Let it unwind you into your evening. There’s nothing sexier than good dark chocolate except good dark chocolate that gets you high.

Verdelux's Exquisite Dark Chocolate Bon Bombs are delicious and mood-boosting. You can expect an uplifting head high and a balanced body buzz from the 10mg dose of THC, which should leave you feeling comfortably recharged for the rest of your night. These are good for an evening when cramps and discomfort are trying to get in the way of your perfectly planned evening of romance, which might be saved by this cozy high.

The Best Kind Of Flowers

Vashon Velvet's CannaSutra is an indica-dominant hybrid with a flowery flavor and a potency of 16% THC. The resulting high is typically euphoric and soothing, perfectly suited for an intimate moment with your partner. You can expect a wave of arousal that eventually tapers out into a sedative buzz, so save this for the finale of your evening.

Ayra's True Purple Berry flower is a sweet and smooth indica that will likely leave you uplifted and mildly soothed from its 20.35% of THC. It makes for an easy mood boost or a great companion for your next day off. Call up your partner or your booty call for an afternoon of blankets and documentaries playing in the background. The happy buzz in the eyes will have you smiling for most of the high. 

Still not finding what you're looking for? Check out Washington's full catalog of arousing cannabis.

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