Feel Like An OG With YG
Press by Scott Hadinger
Feb 05, 2021 · 1 min read

YG’s 4 Hunnid brand has branched out from clothing to cannabis.

This high-THC OG is the product of a new rapper + cannabis collab, but it isn’t just a money grab. Like everything else YG’s 4 Hunnid brand puts out, you can expect nothing but a high-quality product, and in this case, a high-octane high. With 32.5% THC and true-to-form indica effects, this is a strain that deserves to be immortalized in a verse, and it offers a taste of the creative cannabis that drives YG’s commercial success.

With his clothing line once gracing the shelves of Barney’s and his cannabis currently at coveted Cookies locations, you know everything he puts his name on deserves high praise. And if the long lines we’ve seen from his product drops are an indication of the popularity to come, you’re going to want to stock up on this stellar flower before it sells out. 

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