Introducing Country’s Light Pre-Rolls
Press by Proper Staff
Mar 14, 2022 · 1 min read

These approachable pre-rolls will help you smoke your way to a more successful day.

Love smoking but your tolerance or task calls for something a bit lighter? Country has you covered. Debuting not too long ago, the purpose of their pre-rolls is to help any user puff their way to a more productive day. Perfect for everything from your lunch or evening stroll to the times you’re looking to add some cannabis to the party without losing control, they are a welcomed departure from the current trend of packing as much THC into products as possible.

With so many brands racing to stock the shelves with the most potent products on the market, Country’s catalog makes sure that cannabis remains accessible to the cannacurious or casual stoner. Their Win The Day, Beinvenida and Good Neighbor options contain carefully curated cannabinoid concentrations that will help you get lifted without losing track of the rest of your day. And don’t think these are just diluted down joints filled with shake and trim, they’re crafted with whole flower for a flavorful, full-spectrum experience you can count on. So check out their brand page, stock up and puff away to win the day. 

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CountryGood Neighbor Pre-Roll Pack


CountryGood Neighbor Pre-Roll


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CountryWin the Day Pre-Roll Pack


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CountryBienvenida Pre-Roll Pack