Bienvenida Pre-Roll


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18.19% THC, 6.42% CBD
Fruity, Sweet

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Bienvenida is a fiesta for the senses! High in terpenes, this blend tastes like an ice-cold glass of strawberry lemonade on a hot California day. Enjoy its intoxicating aroma and social, invigorating high.

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Expert Review

Bienvenida Is One Jovial Joint!

Review by Luca Belloiu

Jun 22, 2022 · 4 min read

Bienvenida from Country is a high-CBD pre-roll that will help you shine in social situations.

IN REVIEW: Available as singles or in a 6-pack, each of the .6g Bienvenida pre-rolls from Country contains 18.19% THC and 6.42% CBD for a stimulating yet relaxing high you can ride any time of day. The cross of sungrown Durban and Tsunami results in easygoing effects perfect for all users, and damn near any situation. So pick up a pack for a weekend of R&R, or snag a single for your secret lunch sesh and let the bright notes of citrus and strawberry from this sativa bring a bit of light into your day.

This delicious tasting Bienvenida pre-roll from Country is the ideal afterwork toke. It’s an instant and welcoming change of gears. and where once I was mad and tired I was instantly happy and soothed. That was basically the story of my brief love affair with Country Ranch Cannabis’ Bienvenida pre-roll. It’s a joint that is factually near and dear to my heart as both the ranch and myself reside in Ventura County. 

There is an undeniable freshness to this pre-roll that makes it a treat to smoke. Like something you can whip out at the beach and just bliss out with while listening to the sound of waves in the background.

There is an undeniable freshness to this pre-roll that makes it a treat to smoke.

When I sampled the Bienvenida, I was basically looking for something that wasn’t too strong, but would still get the job done. I had just come back from a long day of work, and the last thing I wanted was to be put through the ringer again by smoking some intense indica. I just wanted to relax and maybe check out for a bit. 

And while enjoying this pre-roll, I definitely began to chill, but I also wouldn’t say I was checked out. I was, much like the famous 90’s orangutan Dunston, very much checked in. The effect was at once deeply calming and yet surprisingly focusing. Like, I could have definitely pictured myself floating down a lazy river on one of those inflatable water rafts with cucumber slices on my eyes, but I also feel like I could have done long division if I really had to.

This pre-roll has a pleasing aroma and hits as fine as woven silk. While testing at just 18.19% THC, this is the kind of pre-roll that many novice smokers can get behind. Those with a high tolerance may see this as more of an appetizer. Like mozzarella sticks, but with better karma and less carbs.

I found the high to be entirely manageable with no side effects to speak of. It’s high CBD content of 6.42% really puts the user in a tranquil state of mind. It also had the added benefit of really quieting down some ankle pain I was going through. As a post-workout recovery aide this pre-roll is more than effective. I could feel the tension in my muscles slip away, and the anxiety I was feeling vanish before my very eyes.

I could feel my anxiety and the tension in my muscles slip away.

This light buzz starts at the head and percolates its way down south to create an effect not unlike that of your most cutting edge aphrodisiacs. It got me primed for what I like to refer to as “Mambo Time,” and I now sense that the wife will be buying these for me in bulk. A win/win. 

I’m not saying you will turn into Don Juan after smoking this, but you ought to feel that certain spark that orients the mind towards more primal instincts. Also, it would be really cool if you spark this up and lasciviously enter your bedroom while wearing a silk kimono and saying, in your most alluring voice, “Bienvenida, mi amore.” Then you can queue the fireworks.

For those who find an entire pre-roll too daunting of a task, this joint from Country Ranch Cannabis is an easygoing experience that does an able job of shifting both your mood and outlook. Normally when I smoke an entire joint I get catapulted into the great space coaster, but I was able to savor this and function like a normal human being who just likes to chill hard. This joint is just a great way to shed stress and ignite a sense of purpose into your day, and I look forward to lighting one up again soon.