Bienvenida Pre-Roll Pack



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18.19% THC, 6.42% CBD
Sweet, Fruity

Product Description

Bienvenida is a fiesta for the senses! High in terpenes, this blend tastes like an ice-cold glass of strawberry lemonade on a hot California day. Enjoy its intoxicating aroma and social, invigorating high. Each preroll is made with only whole flower and preserved in their exclusive vacuum-sealed jar that allows you to reseal and reuse it for ultimate freshness.

Expert Review

Bienvenida Is One Jovial Joint!

Review by Luca Belloiu

Jun 22, 2022 · 4 min read

Bienvenida from Country is a high-CBD pre-roll that will help you shine in social situations.

IN REVIEW: Available as singles or in a 6-pack, each of the .6g Bienvenida pre-rolls from Country contains 18.19% THC and 6.42% CBD for a stimulating yet relaxing high you can ride any time of day. The cross of sungrown Durban and Tsunami results in easygoing effects perfect for all users, and damn near any situation. So pick up a pack for a weekend of R&R, or snag a single for your secret lunch sesh and let the bright notes of citrus and strawberry from this sativa bring a bit of light into your day.

This delicious tasting Bienvenida pre-roll from Country is the ideal afterwork toke. It’s an instant and welcoming change of gears. and where once I was mad and tired I was instantly happy and soothed. That was basically the story of my brief love affair with Country Ranch Cannabis’ Bienvenida pre-roll. It’s a joint that is factually near and dear to my heart as both the ranch and myself reside in Ventura County. 

There is an undeniable freshness to this pre-roll that makes it a treat to smoke. Like something you can whip out at the beach and just bliss out with while listening to the sound of waves in the background.