Screaming Trumpets: Loud Flower With A Lasting Impression
Press by Proper Staff
Jan 07, 2021 · 38 seconds read

High potency, higher quality and no highfalutin nonsense—just the way cannabis should be.

Screaming Trumpets has brought the spirit of the Wild West to the cannabis community in the form of rugged, flower-filled tins made for the trail. Their loose-leaf packs are honest, authentic and damn good, giving you the best of cannabis without any of the fuss. 

Grab a tin of their Wedding Cake or GMO, and get ready to be surprised by how something so unassuming can be so unforgettable. Whether you prefer to roll or pack, these 10g tins have your back; and you can consume their products with confidence knowing that growing quality flower isn't merely their job, it's their purpose and privilege.

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Screaming TrumpetsGMO - 10g


Screaming TrumpetsWedding Cake - 10g