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The Best Cannabis For Road Trips

Gear up for your next road trip with CBD products for drivers and zoned-out, giggly highs for passengers.

Rolled-down windows, fast food at every bathroom break, and patience stretched so thin you can’t help but wonder if it’s too late to turn around. The destination is almost always worth it, but the right product can help ease the sacrifices made to get there. Luckily, the Proper Cannabis Committee (PCC) has spent thousands of hours testing cannabis products to find the best soothing, stress-relieving, and boredom-annihilating of the bunch. Using their feedback, we’ve compiled non-intoxicating CBD options for drivers and delightfully spacey highs for passengers. After all, drivers shouldn’t be distracted by lower back pain and passengers should enjoy the scenery while also managing the treacherous responsibility of being radio DJ. Word to the wise: If you’re planning on driving at any point in your road trip, please don’t test out the passenger options.


Driver Product: LEVEL's Calm Tablingual

Potency: 3mg of CBD per tablingual

LEVEL's Calm Tablinguals are tiny sublingual pills designed to wash away tension. The subtle cognitive boost is balanced, which should leave you feeling calm and relaxed but still fully alert. They’re discreet, easy to use on the go, and provide relief with the half hour, so you can go about your day without worrying you left something crucial back at the motel. We recommend trying these if you’re an anxious driver or if you have a passenger who tends to get on your last nerve.

Passenger Product: Chemistry's Paradise Punch Cartridge

Potency: 65.7% THC

Chemistry's Paradise Punch Cartridge delivers a sweet, silky vapor and a typically uplifting head high. The relaxing body high pairs well with the spaced-out buzz behind the eyes, leaving you in the right state of mind to stare out the window for hours. This sativa-heavy hybrid can let you zone out into your own world or fuel a pretty amusing conversation. Don’t forget that old-school road trip games are going to be much funnier when you’re high.


Driver Product: Grön's Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Bar CBD

Potency: 25mg CBD per piece

Grön's CBD-packed Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Bar is mood-boosting and tasty. The “buzz” is mild and functional, so it can uplift your morning while still leaving you fully functional throughout the day. This chocolate can make the day's aches and irritations more tolerable. More experienced cannabis users might want to start with an extra serving to get the best effects, but remember to go slow so you’re not too relaxed behind the wheel.

Passenger Product: Leif Goods' Coffee Crunch Chocolate Bar

Potency: 4mg THC, 4mg CBD per piece

Leif Goods' Coffee Crunch Chocolate Bar is a sweet and satisfying edible with a balanced ratio of THC and CBD. It usually results in a heavy, soothing buzz that can boost moods and ease the tensions that come with long rides in the car. You will likely feel it plateau shortly after the high hits, so you can expect a balanced effect while you zone out on the passing landscape. As an added benefit, your playlist choices will sound extra strong when you start feeling the buzz in your head.


Driver Product: Wildflower’s CBD+ Cool Stick

Potency: 300mg CBD

Driving for long hours, sitting in the same rigid spot for the entire time, and surviving off roadside snacks and coffee can really bring out your body aches, so a CBD-infused topical is a solid solution. Wildflower’s CBD+ Cool Stick provides direct relief to the applied areas with a breezy cooling sensation, and it reduces inflammation, too. Between the pleasant minty smell and an application method that really sticks, you’ll likely be forced to share with everyone in the car.

Passenger Product: Goodship's Quinoa Crunch Chocolate Tokens

Potency: 10mg THC per piece

Goodship's Quinoa Crunch Chocolate Tokens are satisfying and sweet edibles with hints of cayenne and a nice crunch to finish it off. The calming head high is about twice the strength of the relaxing body buzz, making for a near-guaranteed mood boost. It's a sometimes giggly high that will leave you jamming to the radio’s full volume, which should make at least a large chunk of your drive fly by.


Driver Product: Mary’s Medicinals’ Elite CBD Muscle Freeze

Potency: N/A

This Elite CBD Muscle Freeze is a cooling topical that can target aches with a soothing sensation in every applied area. Long hours in the car can make your body tense up and get achy, but a little bit of this at every stop should keep your muscles feeling loose the whole drive. Rub it into the sore spots and wait for it to cool your muscles down.

Passenger Product: Evolab's Blueberry Chroma Colors Cartridge

Potency: 79.78% THC

Evolab's Blueberry Chroma Colors Cartridge is smooth and clear with an exceptionally comfortable vapor. The high is a bit stronger in the head, and it should knock out most of your aches and pains. The soothing buzz will make you forget that you’ve been crammed into a moving metal box for the past couple hours, and the scenery will seem a lot more enticing. 

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