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Cann Cloudy Apple Rhubarb Lite 6-Pack


Ranked 23 of 75 in Beverages for feeling Relaxed.

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The Score

Ranked 23 of 75 in Beverages for feeling Relaxed.

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Quotes from the Raters

Cloudy Apple Rhubarb Lite 6-Pack
Product Information

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2mg THC, 4mg CBD





Serving Size

One 8fl oz can

Package Contents/Qty

Six 8fl oz cans (12mg THC, 24mg CBD)

Dietary Labels


Side Effects


Shelf Life



Carbonated water, cloudy apple juice, apple cider vinegar, natural rhubarb flavor, cannabis extract, natural ginger flavor

Nutrition Facts
Calories 10
Total Fat 0g
Sodium 0mg
Total Carbs 2g
Total Sugars 2g
Protein 0g


Rhubarb Vibes

Cann’s Lite Cloudy Apple Rhubarb beverage soothes the mind and calms the nerves.

IN REVIEW: Some cannabis will lead you to have to cancel your plans, but not the products from CANN. They are crafted to be integrated into your day with a light high and unique flavors you’ll regularly seek out and savor. Their LITE Cloudy Apple Rhubarb option is an 8 oz. infused beverage that contains 2mg THC and 4mg CBD for a high perfect for any user. It tastes faithfully of both apple and rhubarb and goes great with any autumnal sort of meal, and with only 10 calories with no added sugar it’s as great for your waistline as it is for low-tolerance users.

This is a delightfully tasty beverage that contains a unique and pleasant flavor profile, which is something I have come to expect from CANN. If you are someone who loves rhubarb pie and apple, you’re gonna love this drink. Combining the two with a hint of ginger brings forth a very autumnal sort of vibe. Akin to something you drink while carving pumpkins or stuffing a scarecrow. I can even see this featured at any cannabis oriented dinner. “Can you please pass the Cloudy Apple Rhubarb?”

A delightfully tasty beverage [with] a unique and pleasant flavor profile.

While big on taste, the psychoactivity one can enjoy here is minimal. At 2mgs of THC and 4mgs of CBD, it’s a very chill ride. The taste is what sets this beverage apart. If you are a high or even mid-tolerance THC cannasseur, I would only turn to this drink if you are really into apple and rhubarb, or plan on downing a few. Otherwise, you will not get many buzzworthy moments here. Though for beginners and low-tolerance edible lovers, this will be right up your alley as it injects a bit of bright-eyed enthusiasm and light relief.

I enjoyed this drink chilled, and while it tasted sweet enough (with a bit of spice as well), I was surprised to see that it is only 10 calories with no added sugar. A guilt-free drink that is easy on the waistline while delivering a unique flavor and some subtle vibes is a nice way to spend any day. I can see these in any cannabis drink cooler at a BBQ, beach outing, or pool party. It’s just a refreshing drink that doubles as a nice conversation starter: “You like apple AND rhubarb? So do I!!” I mean, things can only go up from there, right? This drink also works as a fine mixer, and I can see this doing well with a bit of whiskey and some angostura bitters for a modified Old Fashioned.

This 8oz can is probably one of the more easygoing medicated drinks you will come across.

This 8oz can is probably one of the more easygoing medicated drinks you will come across. If you are tentative about ingesting cannabis in any way, you will find a gentle hand here. No anxiety to speak of, and there was little actual high to speak of too. I could discern a slight parting of the mental clouds that came across as both clarifying and focusing.

It helped to quiet some mental chatter and instill a sense of wellness. And for any social setting, this should hit just the right note, as you don’t need to worry about going overboard. So if you’re going to see a concert or just congregate with your crew, you can feel comfortable drinking a few of these cans without losing control.

Six packs of Cann’s Lite Cloudy Apple Rhubarb retail for around $24, which makes each individual 8-ounce can come out to around $4 each. And given the unique flavor of this beverage and the reputation Cann has for dosage consistency, this is a more than fair price point. But again, you may want to finish the entire sixer if it’s a good strong buzz you’re after.

In a market where most apple drinks are typically ‘sour apple,’ this medicated beverage is an exciting entry—and any cannabis drinker will be rewarded with a pleasing aftertaste and positive vibes that will suit you well in almost any situation. 

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September 28th, 2022
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