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Cann Cranberry Sage Hi Boy


Ranked 20 of 76 in Beverages for feeling Relaxed.

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Ranked 20 of 76 in Beverages for feeling Relaxed.

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Cranberry Sage Hi Boy
Product Information

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5mg THC





Serving Size

1 can (355 ml)

Package Contents/Qty

1 can (12 fl oz)

Dietary Labels


Side Effects


Shelf Life



Carbonated water, cranberry juice, agave nectar, cannabis extract, natural sage flavor

Nutrition Facts
Calories 45
Total Fat 0g
Sodium 9mg
Total Carbs 11g
Total Sugars 10g (Includes 9g Added Sugars)
Protein 0g


Cann’s Cranberry Sage Hi-Boy Sparks Joy

With uplifting effects and a festive flavor, this Cann offers a bit of holiday spirit all year long.

IN REVIEW: This infused sparkling tonic by Cann contains refreshing notes of cranberry and sage without a hint of cannabis. Each 12oz Hi-Boy is full of 5mg of THC, carbonated water, cranberry juice, agave nectar, and natural sage flavoring. Expect a subtle euphoria that’s just as perfect for social gatherings as it is enjoying some solo time—and while this cannabis concoction tastes great on its own, it’s also solid for doubling down on your buzz by adding it to your favorite cocktail.

Cann continues to offer unique and flavorful combinations that produce a mellow and uplifting high. This Cranberry Sage Hi-Boy is a cannabis-infused sparkling tonic meant to be savored and appreciated. The cranberry's pleasant bitterness works nicely with the herbaceousness of the sage, and the carbonation and mouthfeel are on point. I’d happily consume this even if it didn’t contain any THC. Though luckily for me, I didn’t have to worry about that. Even with just a scant 5mg of THC, I was able to unwind and set my mind to “worry-free mode” as I settled into a chill evening at home.

I just had this sense of wanting to connect and laugh with others.

I poured this can out into a wine glass like a true aristocrat, and slowly sipped it while watching a reality show about glass blowers. The onset was quick, and the effects hit in about 15 minutes. I felt instilled with a subtle joy that told me everything was gonna be alright. It had a pleasant focusing effect that got me invested in the show I was watching. It just put me in a good mood that I feel would have been best represented in a social gathering amongst friends. Being that social gatherings aren’t really in vogue these days, a FaceTime session with friends was the next best thing. I just had this sense of wanting to connect and laugh with others.

This is the sort of drink I could see being handed out at a BBQ or cannabis-themed get-together. One where the host shows you his meditation garden and remarks about the rapid growth of his bamboo or the outrageous price of koi fish. The combo of sage and cranberry also made me think of Thanksgiving, and how nicely this would compliment a large meal of stuffed turkey and mashed potatoes. I would gladly eschew apple cider for this unique sparkling tonic.

Though I mostly see this as a more than worthy substitute for that evening glass of wine. You’ll find that it will unwind you in much the same way without taking down an entire bottle, which will inevitably lead you to feel horrid the next morning. This Hi-Boy is simply free of any grogginess, subtle in nature, and easily manageable for any tolerance level.

The flavor profile alone is yet another home run from Cann.

The tail end of this high seamlessly turned into a relaxation fest. Basically, I sank into my couch and wore it like a jacket. The entire buzz was low-key, but it made for some solid Netflix and chilling. I could have used a second can, to be frank. The aftertaste lingers long after, and it holds its own in taste among most other medicated beverages. If you do decide to booze it up, the Cranberry Sage by Cann would make for a fitting mixer. Maybe you can get fancy and toss a few cranberries or sage leaves in your cocktail and impress all your bougie friends in the process. After all, sage leaves have been used for generations now, mostly by indigenous people, as a means of ridding yourself of bad energy. After having downed an entire can, I can attest to the temporary relief from any bad juju that was hanging over my head.

The Cranberry Sage Hi-Boy Sparkling Tonic by Cann is a refreshing choice for kicking back during the day or winding down at night. The high is subtle, yet it instills you with a sense of even-headedness that works equally as well in the workplace as it does in the backyard or boudoir. Perhaps the best compliment I could pay this Hi-Boy is that I’d be happy to drink it even if it didn’t do those things. The flavor profile alone is yet another home run from Cann.

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November 30th, 2022
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