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Chil Bud Naked Mixer


Chil’s powdered cannabis mixes are a flexible and creative way to get high, and their flavorless option offers 10mg of THC and endless possibilities. Mix it into your favorite cocktail, mocktail or add it to your post-workout drink to get a mood boost and relief from aches and pains. All of their products use all-natural ingredients and are optimized for rapid absorption to give you effects at about the 20-minute mark. As they say, "Rip, mix and Chil." Read the full review below.

Ranked 3 of 15 in Beverages for feeling Focused.

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Ranked 3 of 15 in Beverages for feeling Focused.

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Bud Naked Mixer
Product Information

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10mg THC





Serving Size

1 packet

Package Contents/Qty

10 packets per box (100mg THC)

Dietary Labels


Side Effects


Shelf Life



Organic grape and fruit sugars, gum arabic, cannabis extract, natural flavor, sunflower lecithin

Nutrition Facts
Calories 1.7
Sugar 1.7g
Total Fat 0g
Sodium 0mg


The Flavorless Mixer For THC Elixirs

Chil’s Bud Naked Mixers offer a versatile edible with endless potential

IN REVIEW: This flavorless THC powder pairs perfectly with any beverage and time of day. Each packet has 10mg of THC and countless possibilities. Chil provides a regularly updated list of cocktails, cocktails, and anything else you could think of mixing this into. Splitting it with a friend would be a great entry point into edibles for anyone just getting started, and those interested in imbibing the whole thing should expect an introspective and balanced high that settles into a chill state free of any harsh comedown.

Chil’s Bud Naked cannabis-infused THC mixer is a convenient way to get a precise high at precisely the right time. Having been provided a cocktail menu of possible recipes one could concoct with each 10mg packet, I decided to go the classic coffee route. Bud Naked is a flavorless THC powder, so it had little effect on the taste. Using the ingredients I had on hand, I made a close approximation to the “Baked Chocolate Cold Brew.” This turned out to be a pretty sweet-tasting treat, and I didn’t pick up any hint of cannabis in there.

It’s hardly been 15 minutes, and I’m already feeling the effects.

When my wife saw me walking around the house with this giant whipped creamed coffee drink, she became very angry and I realized instantly what I had done. To put it a better way, I’d realized what I had not done—which was make her one. As she’s not really into morning edibles, I made hers a virgin. We both took these frosty drinks out to the patio and made short of them. I began to regale the wife about a particular story, and before I could even finish my point the wind chimes seemed to get windier and the succulent plant got a bit more succulent, and just about everything around me jumped up a notch on the ol’ awareness meter. I thought to myself, “It’s hardly been 15 minutes, and I’m already feeling the effects.”

This is an exceptionally fast-acting mixer packet that gets right to the point. Before you know it, you’re hit with an initial wave of vibrancy, where colors and objects just seem to pop a little more. It almost gives you the sense that you’re waking up and a fog is lifting. The overriding sensation of this high was one of supreme focus. I never felt heavy-headed, anxious, or paranoid. To the contrary, I felt instantly involved with my surroundings, and careful to keep attention directed on any given task. This worked out nicely when it came time to accomplish a few household chores I’d been putting off.

But first thing’s first. Before I swept up the deck, picked the weeds, and took out the garbage, I went back to the kitchen to finish off the last of the whipped cream in dramatic fashion. With even my eyebrows partially covered, I asked my wife if I had any whipped cream on my face. She rolled her eyes because this was an admittedly childish and hacky joke, and then told me to, “Enjoy my high.” I think I was well on my way.

With cleaning and organizing out of the way, I was then free to enjoy the fruits of my early morning productivity and be at one with this high. The relaxing and focusing effects of this THC mixer seemed tailor-made for self-introspection.

It lent itself nicely to deep breathing and self-awareness. I found it easier to sink into a quiet mind space and shut out all the white noise of daily life. I was going on about 20 minutes of clear-headed meditation until the Amazon delivery man dropped off a package by the front gate. Fearing an intruder, my dog began to bark loudly and then attempted to defenestrate himself by leaping into the screen window. He is in a perpetual state of alert when it comes to potential sneak attacks, and I wished at that moment that Chil made dog edibles because he really needed one.

The relaxing and focusing effects of this THC mixer seemed tailor-made for self-introspection.

These THC mixers (for humans) come in 10-packs for about $25, or an individual mixer for $3.99. The one I tried was the flavorless Bud Naked varietal. There is also a Lemon flavor with 10mg THC and a 5mg THC + 5mg CBD Watermelon flavor. For the flavored versions, I could easily envision myself just dumping a packet into a bottle of water and setting off on a local hike. Adventures abound.

The fast-acting nature of these mixers make them ideal for outdoor activities, or even as a sleep aid. Having consumed mine around 10 am, I found it to be a nice morning pick-me-up that offset nicely into a relaxing and introspective afternoon. I could see the Bud Naked working just as nicely for any evening during which you’d normally reach for a glass of wine. The possibilities of cocktail choices you could make with these are endless. It’s ultimately a fast-acting and long-lasting powdered edible with more functions than a Swiss Army knife, and a similar sharpness of focus.

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September 25th, 2021
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