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kikoko Positivi-Tea 10-Pack


kikoko's Positivi-Tea comes in ready to brew single-serving tea bags. The flavor combo includes peppermint and green tea, and the high is just the right calm for a Sunday morning. The effects should appear in under 90 minutes, but keep in mind the tea doesn't increase in potency after a longer steep.

Ranked 63 of 80 in Beverages for feeling Relaxed.

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Ranked 63 of 80 in Beverages for feeling Relaxed.

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Positivi-Tea 10-Pack
Product Information

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10mg THC, 5mg CBD





Serving Size

1 sachet

Package Contents/Qty

10 sachets

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Side Effects


Shelf Life



Peppermint, Green Tea, Spearmint, Licorice Root, Lemon Myrtle, Lemongrass, Safflower Petals, Organically Grown Kikogold Cannabis Active

Nutrition Facts
Calories 0


Positivi-Tea Is Positively Unrivaled

If you’re looking for a high that doubles as a cognitive enhancer, this tea is well worth the buy.

Edibles have a bad rap. This stigma is partly the result of a story that’s been told time and time again: “I Ate A Weed Brownie And Almost Died.” And whether you’re a longtime cannabis user or a curious newbie interested in consuming edibles for the first time, it’s safe to assume that you’ve heard, read, or been told some iteration of the cautionary tale to be wary of all edible cannabis.

Sure, on some occasions I do appreciate the rollercoaster high that a potent edible can provide. And I’m no lightweight. But for someone with an active lifestyle, that type of experience is rarely ideal and feels overwhelming more often than not. As precision dosing becomes more easily achievable, though, and the accurate labeling of products becomes mandatory, edible-induced meltdowns are happening much less frequently.

My relationship with edibles has always been love-hate. The pros: I love delicious treats and I’m always excited by new methods of consumption. The cons: Inconsistent and unpredictable highs leave me with recurring uncertainties. For instance: How high will I get? How long will it take to kick in? Will it leave me feeling congested or suffering from a headache?

This collective anxiety regarding edibles can unfairly influence the experience of eating weed altogether, feeding into overly negative predispositions. My biggest gripe has to do with the time it takes to actually feel anything. Sometimes I'll spend an hour wondering if I should consume more and then suddenly, I feel as though I’ve forgotten where I left my body. The zero-to-sixty effect of some weed-infused foods has generally left me with a preference for smoking rather than ingesting.

To put it simply, I prefer to ease into my high. And it is for this reason exactly that I loved Kikoko’s Positivi-Tea.

Where I’d been expecting Space Mountain, I instead was given Jungle Cruise.

After letting the tea steep in hot water for five minutes and then cool for just a few minutes more, I was impressed to find that I began noticing a smooth, energizing, uplifting buzz that started setting in before I’d even finished my cup. Even more impressive still was the ease with which I was guided into the peak of the high. Where I’d been expecting Space Mountain, I instead was given Jungle Cruise. And as far as guided tours go, it was incredibly satisfying.

With a blend of wonderful organic ingredients, the aroma from the green tea sachet immediately enticed me. Sharp scents of spearmint and peppermint with subtle citrus underscores of lemongrass and lemon myrtle left me feeling refreshed. The light, floral aroma of the air around the sachet feels crisp and clean. Once the tea brewed, the sharpness of the mint subsided and created a delightfully balanced fragrance that had me impatiently trying to sip the tea while it was still steaming. For as great as Kikoko’s Positivi-Tea smelled, the flavor was even better. 

Only a few minutes into sipping the tea, I went from stuffy to breathing easily.

As someone with something of a sweet tooth, I am no stranger to a spoonful of sugar in my teas and coffees. But in this instance, any additional sweetener would've been unnecessary. The mint and lemongrass created an excellent balance—not too sweet, and not overly bitter—with no oily residue or noticeable weedy aftertaste.

A wonderful surprise, however, was the clearing of my sinuses and decongestant aspects of this tea. When I say that allergies are truly the bane of my existence, I’m making no joke; spring in Los Angeles is brutal. Only a few minutes into sipping the tea, I went from stuffy to breathing easily, which is not something I can say for most edible experiences.

After drinking just half of the cup of tea, the high began to set in. Starting slowly as a warm sphere of energy in the center of my chest, the effects slowly spread outward, creating a tingling, stimulating sensation in the tips of my fingers. Within an hour I was floating in my kitchen, sore muscles relieved from a prior workout and bursting with creative energy. The airy, radiant kick from the high left me feeling giddy and excited to work on some projects I’d been stuck on, and I felt no grogginess or mental fatigue. The clean, equal levels of the high reminded me of the emotional and physical benefits of one of my favorite activities: sensory deprivation tanks. The balance of body stimulation and stress relief with mental clarity had me wanting to experiment.

For my second experience with the tea, I booked a session at Float Lab and consumed the tea thirty minutes before my float. If you’ve never heard of floating, think along the lines of Eleven from Stranger Things. Only, the “Upside Down” is a euphoric state of physical tranquility and mental decompression and nobody is being eaten by a Demogorgon. Essentially, you float in a tank of salinated water and deprive your body of just about every sensory stimulation to simulate complete and total weightlessness. The combination of the soothing effects on the body and the lack of outside distractions let me process more deep thoughts in an hour than I’d done all week.

What may have been most impressive was the mental clarity that came along with the high. The 10mg of THC and 5mg of CBD worked together to yield a light, airy, cerebral high that left me feeling excited and had my creative juices flowing. If you seek a high that promotes full-body relaxation while simultaneously stimulating enough energy for you to choreograph a music video, you’re going to love Kikoko’s Positivi-Tea. If you need a mood boost before your next brainstorming session, this tea is for you. Whether you're trying to get stuff done or zone out in front of an endless feed of memes, this tea is sure to leave you feeling calm, motivated, and happy. The clue is in the name, people. 

Rather than feeling impeded in any way by the high, Positivi-Tea felt more like a companion to my daily activities. The comfort of the high is as impressive as the gradual onset. I found myself so absorbed and enjoying my activities so much, that I didn’t even realize I was no longer high. Retailing for around $60 for a pack of 10 sachets, Kikoko’s green tea isn’t exactly cheap, but the experience it enables is truly delightful. If you’re looking for a high that doubles as a cognitive enhancer, Positivi-Tea is positively unrivaled and well worth the buy.

Community Reviews

Excellent experience. Not for beginners, but if you don't overdo it you can cook, clean, socialize, work, hang out, and party while enjoying Positivitea. Works for many occasions (not sleeping due to green tea/ caffine).

November 20th, 2020

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