Hi-Fi Hops 18:1 Unplugged CBD



Product Details

<2mg THC, 18mg CBD
Serving Size
1 Bottle (12fl oz)
Flavored Cabonated Water, (Water, Dried Hops, Nutritional Brewers Yeast), Cannabis Oil, Olive Oil, Natural Flavors
Nutrition Facts
Total Fat0g
Total Carbohydrates0g
Vitamin D3mcg

Product Description

Lagunitas teamed up with AbsoluteXtracts to offer a weed-filled alternative to alcohol. This CBD-heavy option will have you uplifted all day without ever having to worry about going too far or waking up with a hangover. The effects are mild, and the hop-forward flavor mirrors an IPA. If you're looking for something heavier with a buzz that builds like beer, check out their 1:1 option that hits a bit harder.

Effects Profile

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Expert Review

Meet The Cannabis Beer That Leaves You Calm And Clear

Review by Luca Belloiu

Jul 29, 2020 · 4 min read

Two brands at the top of their game came together to offer us a CBD-heavy beverage full of uplifting effects.

IN REVIEW: Hi-Fi Hops is that new kid that keeps showing up at every party, though no one’s complaining. This alcoholic alternative boasts zero calories or carbs and 18mg of CBD and 2mg of THC, making it a perfect doseable option for day drinking. Take a six-pack to your next socially-distanced shindig, or keep a few in the fridge to unwind after a tough day. Expect to be instantly uplifted and no worse for the wear the following day.

Lagunitas paired up with AbsoluteXtracts to deliver a cannabis-filled, alcohol-free beverage that drinks like an IPA. Taken at face value, the idea of the afternoon beer has always appealed to me, but I rarely partake as it tends to drag me down for the remainder of the day. This 18:1 Hi-Fi Hops had the opposite effect. It’s a hoppy sparkling beverage that took the edge off without any of the caloric or karmic guilt that sometimes comes with a cold brewski.

I enjoyed this beverage mostly while I was doing some yard work. I sipped away as I noted the condition of the garden gnomes and cleared out some leaves. I even got on all fours and fished out the loquats that were stuck between the wooden deck planks. For those of you unfamiliar with loquats, join the club. All I really know about them is that they’re small fruits and that you can eat them, but I never have nor really know how to.