Splash Tsunami Drink Additive - 2 Pack


Product Details

50mg THC
Serving Size
1 vial
Distilled Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Lecithin, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Full Spectrum Cannabis Extract, Sodium Benzoate

Product Description

SPLASH NANO is a liquid cannabis drink additive made from Rosin. Add to ANY drink. Flavorless, no sugar, discrete. Easy to take anywhere. Tsunami comes in a 2 pack of 50 mg THC each.

Effects Profile

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Expert Review

Ride The Tide With Splash Nano’s Tsunami

Review by Ashley Brooke

Apr 19, 2022 · 4 min read

Fast acting and versatile, the possibilities are as endless as they are enjoyable.

IN REVIEW: Tsunami by Splash Nano is a full-spectrum infused drink additive containing 50mg THC per vial (2 vials per package, 100mg total). Crafted with rosin, this product is as elite as it is effective. Whether you’re looking for a mellow swell or a billowing surge, you can conveniently add your desired level of buzz to the beverage of your choice thanks to the metered notches along the side. So add a touch to your favorite drink to take any activity to the next level, or tip it back and go all out. There's no wrong way to enjoy this incredible infusion.

Many of us have had the same experience with edibles and maybe even THC-infused drinks—you don’t immediately catch a buzz, so you figure it's a good idea to increase the dose. Fast forward an hour and a half later and you find yourself down an anxiety-ridden rabbit hole Googling things that will only haunt your search history as you send ill-advised text messages.

That was far from my experience with Tsunami. While the name screams intensity (which isn’t inaccurate in any way, shape, or form), I found the high to be more relaxed and heady than I’d initially anticipated.