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Wynk Juicy Mango Seltzer (2.5mg THC / 2.5mg CBD) - Single


Wynk THC & Seltzer Juicy Mango is the life of the party bubbling with bold flavors for a tropical buzz in a naturally-essenced zero calorie, zero sugar, microdosed seltzer. Made with all natural flavors and a golden ratio of 2.5mg of THC and 2.5mg of CBD in each can, it keeps you in control so you can achieve the perfect dosage that’s right for you. Wynk is made with a tasteless nanoemulsion that makes for a fast-acting effect. Feel the microdose of relaxation in about 10-15 minutes. Enjoy the benefits of THC and CBD with these gluten free and vegan beverages! No alcohol means no hangxiety and no head-pounding mornings. Just sip, chill and enjoy the buzz without the next-day sting. Wynk is available in additional delicious infused drinks made with all-natural flavors. Ingredients: carbonated water, natural flavor, citric acid, cannabis extract.

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Ranked 38 of 76 in Beverages for feeling Relaxed.

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Juicy Mango Seltzer (2.5mg THC / 2.5mg CBD) - Single
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2.5mg THC, 2.5mg CBD





Serving Size

1 can

Package Contents/Qty

One 8.4fl oz can (2.5mg THC, 2.5mg CBD)

Dietary Labels


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Carbonated water, natural flavor with other natural flavors, citric acid, cannabis extract, hemp extract

Nutrition Facts
Calories 0
Total Fat 0g
Sodium 10mg
Total Carbs 0g
Protein 0g


Juicy Mango Packs Rejuvenating Effects

Wynk’s infused beverages will make any task worth the squeeze.

IN REVIEW: If the afternoon is starting to get you down, but you don’t want to pound another cup of coffee and you’re resisting the urge to spark up a joint, there’s now a perfect compromise! Wynk’s Juicy Mango THC Seltzer is here to provide you with a little boost that will come to your aid when you need it most. So if you like to microdose and love sparkling water, Wynk is a no-brainer. Your mind and body will benefit from having a little something extra kicking around inside of you, helping you accomplish all of those things on your to-do list.

Something strange happens in the late afternoon. Time starts to drag, eyelids start to droop, yet there is still work to be done. There’s a reason little kids take a mandatory nap in the middle of the day, but for some reason as adults we are not allowed that same rest. Well, if we can’t lay down, we need to turn up!

That’s where Wynk comes in.

And you might ask yourself, “Okay, but is this drink gonna fuck me up?”

No baby. There’s just a tiny bit of THC in each can, 2.5mg to be exact. That’s basically a whisper of relaxing marijuana goodness, and that amount is just enough to reinspire you, and save your current moment from monotony.

Delicious, refreshing and virtually no aftertaste.

Every cute little beverage also has 2.5 mg of CBD, so all of those aches and pains you start to notice at the end of a work day (stiff shoulders, tense back, joint pain) don’t have to be written in stone. You can provide your body with a second wind before you clock out, get high for real, and watch Squid Game.

So what’s in each can? To be honest, not much. No sugars, no calories, no artificial sweeteners. This is surprising because of how tasty the drink is. You will undoubtedly be double checking the nutritional facts to verify these stats for yourself. And just as the can advertises, you will start to feel the effects in 10-15 minutes.

The branding on each small can is also downright adorable. Coming in at 8.4 fl oz, which is slightly (just slightly!) bigger than a miniature Coke, these are easy to take down so you can take on the task at hand. And the equal parts THC to CBD (2.5 mg of each to be exact) is considered a microdose and technically not enough to get anybody stoned to the bone.

Also, as promised on the label, this is a hangover-free beverage. You won’t be reeling from the effects the next morning. The buzz itself won’t linger for more than a couple of hours, and it’s just enough to elevate your current state of being to get through the business you’ve got to take care of.

As for the intake experience, it’s delicious, refreshing and there is virtually no aftertaste, just the faint memory of something yum. If you’re a sparkling water drinker (and let’s face it, you are. Everyone is.) Wynk is reminiscent of some top brands, only it’s better. For real.

Wynk has been believed to alleviate stress, mentally and physically, and packs a banging flavor. Couple that with a bubbly and effervescent mouthfeel, and you have something that is especially refreshing when chilled.

I recommend these for study sessions and getting things done.

Wynk also comes in several fantastic flavors: Lime Twist, Black Cherry Fizz, and Juicy Mango. All of which are a slam dunk, so be sure to hide your stash behind that old jar of salsa in the fridge that nobody is going after. And while everyone’s body is a little bit different, I recommend Wynk for getting things done, study sessions, re-establishing a mind + body connection, aches and pains, and just taking a little bit of time for yourself to breathe.

Wynk is also ideal for your day off. Go smell an apple at the farmers market, have a long bath, take a yoga class. The buzz you feel can also be great for socializing, so call a family member or friend you’ve been meaning to talk to for a while. Go through your closet and play dress up. Try and take your cat on a walk. Life is weird, might as well have a blast!

Best of all, a few hours after having Wynk you won’t feel sluggish and sleepy like you would after having a full dose of weed or alcohol. You will still have your energy to finish any lingering tasks that need taking care of.

After all, work goes by so much faster when you are in a good mood. Just because you have things to get done doesn’t mean that you need to be miserable while doing them. Let this be an inspiration for you to visit and locate a can for yourself today! 

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August 17th, 2022
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