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Honey Boo, How I Love You

Review by Luca Belloiu

Feb 01, 2021 · 4 min read

Bear Labs’ sweet tasting Honey Boo Budder concentrate will help you get in touch with the untapped mysteries of your mind.

IN REVIEW: This indica-dominant hybrid budder from B.E.A.R. (Botanical Extractions And Research) comes in tiny one-gram jars—and its 84.09% THC and flavorful terpenes are best dabbed at low temperatures to ensure you’re enjoying the product to the fullest. This cross between Bubba Kush and Captain Crypt OG is one you really shouldn't miss, as it’s great for stargazers, insomniacs, walkabouts, dreamers, ceremonial sweat lodge lovers, depressives, and everyone else on a spiritual quest.

Honey Boo Live Resin Budder by BEAR Labs is a stress smasher of a hybrid concentrate that calms the body and excites the mind. This is a cross between two powerhouse strains in Bubba Kush and Captain Crypt OG. It takes the best of both and rewards you with a curiosity inducing high that starts in the head and slowly works its way down.

I was awash in serenity and ready to turn in for the night.

I sampled the Honey Boo Budder after what seemed like an interminable day of work. It felt like my mind had suddenly woken up from a monotonous daze and whispered, “Thank you, it was about time.” Suddenly, all sorts of ideas filled my head. I started to feel like a walking piñata of euphoric revelations. Wanting to explore different ideas and get to the root of all things suddenly became very important to me. In that sense, this was a big and all-encompassing high that took me out of myself. A total horizon expander, and a far cry from my previous mindset.

This concentrate contains 84.09% THC, and like its namesake, brings out all the precociousness that one needs to navigate this increasingly turbulent world. Don’t dab too much though, or you will feel like you are on the Maury Povich show arguing with Mamma June and an increasingly hostile live audience.

Per recommendations, I smoked this at a low setting and it became the ultimate post-work wind down. Despite being tired from a long day, I was overcome with the munchies, and soon began to whip up an elaborate meal. I even put an emphasis on presentation as the high was coaxing the creative side out of me. After stuffing myself with a big dinner, I went for a long walk in the cold crisp air. It was one of those rare nights where you can see loads of stars, and I sometimes found myself walking while staring straight up. It made me want to go camping, and I made a mental note to bring this budder along the next time I did.

By the time I found my way back home, I was awash in serenity and ready to turn in for the night. The indica side of this concentrate started to make itself more prevalent as I settled into the couch and proceeded to watch some Mandalorian. I knew that something had been bothering me earlier in the day, but I could not for the life of me recall what it was. This was a testament to the anxiety-busting properties of the Honey Boo Live Resin. A great way to repose and relax without being weighed down by petty stressors.

Before long I had fallen into a deep slumber that caused me no grogginess when I awoke.

This is a smooth hitting concentrate that is great for day or night. For those who are on the constant quest to find meaning in this life, this may help part the clouds so that you can see a little clearer. Insights come plenty, and your mind simply ceases to focus its attention on BS. The Honey Boo concentrate manages to shift one’s perspective from the mundane to the unknown, and it’s a great selection for searchers of all stripes. That is not to say if you have trouble sleeping or just relaxing it won’t help. It will. Before long I had fallen into a deep slumber that caused me no grogginess when I awoke.

The Honey Boo live resin budder by Bear Labs is like a new pair of sunglasses. Blasts of euphoria help you get introspective, while your body becomes a free floating object of heavenly calm. It is a sweet tasting and potent concentrate that allows its user to rise above everyday annoyances and announce to the world that, “Ain’t nobody gonna’ tell Honey Boo what to do!”

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