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Jungle Boys Papaya - 1g Prime Live Rosin


Ranked 16 of 192 in Concentrates for feeling Euphoric.

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Ranked 16 of 192 in Concentrates for feeling Euphoric.

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Papaya - 1g Prime Live Rosin
Product Information

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778.92mg THC, 3.11mg CBD

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1g concentrate


Papaya Dreamin’ With Jungle Boys

Papaya Prime from Jungle Boys is a euphoric joymaker and potent pain reliever.

IN REVIEW: Jungle BoysPapaya Prime is a sweet-tasting portal to a place that glows with potential. It’s a first-pull live rosin that goes down as smooth as silk, and it makes for one clean high. Expect a potent and premium concentrate that’s just as adept at soothing you as it is inspiring you, leaving you relaxed and ready to pursue your passions. Though if you just wanted to take to the couch for a movie marathon, you’ll find just as quality a companion in this concentrate. 

Papaya is the only fruit I really don’t care for, but thankfully there is none found in this quality concentrate. So when it came time to vape a big glob of this gorgeous ganja goo, I found it to be more than pleasant and palatable. Big, bold, fruity notes come off right away in the smooth vapor, and as the total flavor profile continued to unfold, it left a very pleasant aftertaste which left me regularly wanting to take another pull.

The first thing that I was struck by, and this is no small feat, was the total shift in mood and perspective. Where I had before felt somewhat disconnected and angry, I was thrust into a world where happiness was the chief export, and creativity felt more and more accessible. Whatever beef I was harboring simply fell away, and in its place was a burning desire to create something.

I was thrust into a world where happiness was the chief export, and creativity felt more and more accessible.

In that spirit, I sat down at my desk and did a bit of writing. This high put me into a sort of zone where I was just channeling absurd dialogue and strange set pieces. By the time I knew it, I had finished writing five pages of some pretty out-there stuff. It helped me as a sort of exercise in going out of my comfort zone, and in that sense it was a pretty mind expanding high. I like that I did not get that foggy-brained feeling that I sometimes feel with lesser rosins. The total clarity of this buzz is noteworthy from start to finish.

This probing and euphoric buzz really lent itself to a nice long yoga session. My movements felt very grounded in the present, and it felt like this strain was built for moments of self reflection. I was able to mindlessly and sometimes effortlessly sink into deeper than normal stretches and just basically shut my mind off for a while. 

It was one of the more immersive yoga sessions I’ve enjoyed for some time. It was 45 minutes of steady flowing, and by the time I finished, my sense of self was totally at an even keel. Not too worked up, and not too disconnected. Like a buoy that does not sway, even in stormy seas.

The tail end of this high was all rest and relaxation. It epitomized what a good hybrid is all about. A sudden burst of energy and inspiration that seamlessly unwinds you into a nebulous cloud of ethereal space dust. Normally when I get as high as I got here, watching a movie would be out of the question. Simply because I have too much trouble following the plot. Not the case with the Papaya Prime.

This was a long-lasting and memorable high that brought the goods from start to finish.

The clear headedness of this buzz made getting into a good thriller an actual joy. And surprisingly enough, which film I was to watch was a quick decision. I didn’t spend my normal 20 minutes searching the depths of every obscure category the Netflix algorithm created for me had in mind. 

My wife couldn’t have been happier. She knows all about my long winded process of finding a suitable movie, and she couldn’t believe her eyes when I just picked a movie to watch right out of the gate. She even remarked aloud on how impressed she was with me. I felt like a Beatle.

This was a long-lasting and memorable high that brought the goods from start to finish. My favorite part of this experience was this Jungle Boy rosin’s capacity to shut off the brain chatter. It really cut through the mental cobwebs so you can experience things more fully. I can easily see myself reaching for this every time I want a new spin on mindfulness, or a way to crack through the facade of life and reach for weirder things. 

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July 6th, 2022
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