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Orange Glue Live Resin from Raw Garden


This THCa-heavy live resin is built for introspection and inspiration. As with anything from Raw Garden, the taste is pure, inviting and will leave you wanting more. Luckily, the light effects provided by this concentrate allows you to keep going back without fear of going too far. Pair this with coffee or tea to get going in the morning, and hit it clear through your day to stay dialed in on a project without feeling too stoned or weighed down. The light euphoria you’ll experience also makes this a great yoga partner.

Ranked 4 of 119 in Concentrates for feeling Relaxed.

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Ranked 4 of 119 in Concentrates for feeling Relaxed.

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Orange Glue Live Resin
Product Information

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87.62% THCa, 0.13% CBD

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Gorilla Glue #4, Agent Orange

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Raw Garden Helps Motivation Bloom With Powerful Live Resins

TCHa resins contain multitudes, offering both energy and recovery

IN REVIEW: These THCa heavy concentrates won't make you a superhero, but they’ll certainly make you impervious to any bad vibes the day could send your way. Packing intense flavors and potent effects, these strains highlight the full spectrum of nonintoxicating effects. Use these pre- or post-workout to enhance any activity without the worry of a potential freakout. You can rest assured these two bring all of the good without any of the bad. 

Raw Garden delivers two THCa concentrates that are as potent as they are delicious. Both varieties, Orange Glue Live Resin and Beary Punch Live Resin, went well beyond what CBD normally does for me in terms of relaxation and recuperation. I kicked things off with the Orange Glue THCa Live Resin. At 87.62 percent THCa, this concentrate packed a bold citrus flavor that tasted like I had been dunked in a tank of fresh-squeezed orange juice and left to dry off on the terrace of some Mediterranean villa.

While the Orange Glue THCa did not have the same psychotropic effects that a regular run-of-the-mill THC product might deliver, it still enveloped me in what felt like a protective coating of invincibility. If this is an Indica, it sure didn’t start out as one, as my first hit led me to dust off an old kettlebell in my garage and go to work. No couch was going to claim me at this moment.

It was a spontaneous workout session, but I was all in. Clearly this concentrate had a supreme focusing effect on me. I was totally honed in, and when Kenny Loggins came on the radio, I felt inspired to crank things up.

I felt like I was being lowered via a rickety dumbwaiter into the innermost depths of my loveseat.

At times, it almost felt like I had been transported into an ’80s movie montage. As if, at any second, my buddy would pull up in his Trans Am, honk his horn, and tell me to, "Hop in, there’s a bonfire party down on the beach and everyone is going to be there." I imagined I would say something rad like, “Bitchin’ idea brotisserie, let me finish this rep and we can make like trees and leave.” Then I’d run out of the house, slide across the car hood and into the shotgun seat, yelling, “Don’t wait up!” to no one in particular. That’s the sort of fun and irreverent meanderings this concentrate can elicit.

When I finally put the kettlebell away and closed my ’80s Rock Pandora station, I was still feeling primed for another challenge. In that spirit, I cooked up a large meal of breaded chicken and various side dishes. I may have even posted a food picture on Instagram, which I normally hate doing, so I really could have been higher than I initially thought.

The Orange Glue worked well as an appetite enhancer, and once I hit the couch I finally felt its Indica properties coming into play. I felt like I was being lowered via a rickety dumbwaiter into the innermost depths of my loveseat.

The soreness from yesterday simply melted away, and I was able to log a brisk six-mile run that was easy going and free from discomfort.

The next morning I woke up with a soreness in parts of my legs I didn’t know existed. Walking down the stairs was more like a painful waddle. I even had to grab onto the banister like an old lady bracing herself for a gang of teenage skateboarders coming her way.

I reached for Raw Garden's Indica-Hybrid Beary Punch Live Resin, with its 82.35 percent THCa, in an effort to address my morning aches and pains and inject a little calm into what was becoming a hectic morning. This concentrate also packed a big, fresh, berry flavor that tends to linger in the taste buds. It’s medicinal effects kicked in right away.

The fact that within 30 minutes I was throwing on workout shorts once more and about to go out for a morning run is a testament to this strain's ability to help you recover from or cope with pain. The soreness from yesterday simply melted away, and I was able to log a brisk six-mile run that was easy going and free from discomfort. It did wonders for my stress levels. Both the Beary Punch and Orange Glue worked like secret performance enhancers that I would genuinely consider taking before my next workout. The Beary Punch also held true to its Indica roots and ultimately helped me unwind into a puddle of Netflix-binging bliss.

I found both THCa resins contained a curious duplicity, simultaneously providing a boost to get you going, and a calm to help you recuperate. They brought out flashes of the best of both in sativas and indicas, but where they excelled most was in their ability to provide a prolonged feeling of euphoria, coupled with a cloudless mind. Both experiences felt like a choose-your-own-adventure story ripe for breaking personal barriers, be them physical or mental.

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July 27th, 2021
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