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Hops, Orange, Perfumy

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I Wish Every Living Thing Could Dab This Cured Resin

Review by Ben Karris

May 30, 2018 · 5 min read

California-based Sherbinskis comes correct with Cookie Sugar cured resin

This week I saw an internet video of a crawfish clawing its way out of a boiling bowl of spicy soup, narrowly avoiding an intensely painful death, and I knew I’d be changed forever. As the brave little crawdaddy-o dipped out of the hot pot, it realized one of its tiny-yet-monstrous claws was still stuck among the rest of the ingredients of the steamy death soup. It then made the call to chop the claw off with its other claw (holy eff) before taking off out of view. In that moment, I connected with the gross little water bug. I know that it was likely fulfilling its destiny; it was, after all, probably raised in some crawfish farm/apocalyptic crustacean training camp. This video fucked with me on many levels and had me questioning the purpose of my human experience—our entire species’ existence. But most of all, I wished I could offer the creature a dab of Cookie Sugar cured resin by Sherbinskis.

It’s pungent but not overwhelming, and the robust, sweet scent of the terpene-rich concentrate is present as soon as you open the lid of the jar.