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Sherbinskis Cookie Sugar


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Cookie Sugar
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0.5g wax


I Wish Every Living Thing Could Dab This Cured Resin

California-based Sherbinskis comes correct with Cookie Sugar cured resin

This week I saw an internet video of a crawfish clawing its way out of a boiling bowl of spicy soup, narrowly avoiding an intensely painful death, and I knew I’d be changed forever. As the brave little crawdaddy-o dipped out of the hot pot, it realized one of its tiny-yet-monstrous claws was still stuck among the rest of the ingredients of the steamy death soup. It then made the call to chop the claw off with its other claw (holy eff) before taking off out of view. In that moment, I connected with the gross little water bug. I know that it was likely fulfilling its destiny; it was, after all, probably raised in some crawfish farm/apocalyptic crustacean training camp. This video fucked with me on many levels and had me questioning the purpose of my human experience—our entire species’ existence. But most of all, I wished I could offer the creature a dab of Cookie Sugar cured resin by Sherbinskis.

It’s pungent but not overwhelming, and the robust, sweet scent of the terpene-rich concentrate is present as soon as you open the lid of the jar.

Let me start by saying this wax is nuts—even more nuts than that crawfish story I just told. It truly delivers the ideal dabbing experience and gets me high as heck without leaving me dead, or too baked to function. From the get-go, the aroma of Sherbinskis’ Cookie Sugar is inviting. It’s pungent but not overwhelming, and the robust, sweet scent of the terpene-rich concentrate is present as soon as you open the lid of the jar. It even lingers in the air for just the right amount of time.

Oh. This is what good wax smells like.

The cured resin sort of looks like molasses. I mean that in a good way. It looks like dark caramel or apple butter, or some type of sweet and savory spread that would taste good on crackers. But its weed. And I'm ready to get high. Here's the thing, though. The ritual of setting up a dab—torching the banger, loading the da is just as much fun, for me, as taking the dab itself. Dosing is difficult to judge, so I’d play it safe and skew on the smaller side. To truly experience this resin, I’d say an appropriately sized dab should be about half the size of your standard chocolate chip. It’s that dense.

I am no stranger to concentrates. For the last half of a decade, dabbing has gradually become my go-to consumption method. You’d think the shift in my weed intake to such potent products would have my tolerance through the roof, but it’s a little more complicated than that. I’ve just become extremely familiar with wax. So much so that other weed highs from flower or edibles, for instance, just feel different, not as robust, and less instantaneous. A nice flower high might feel mellow at first and then sneak up on you 20 minutes later to remind you weed is still capable of delivering a strong high.

No matter which consumption method, or product you go with, it’s crucial to be conscious of the dosage levels, and cognizant of where you like to end up on the stoned spectrum. To truly know yourself and further your relationship with weed, take note of how much of any product you consumed each time you find yourself at your personal sweet spot.

It's perfectly alright to smoke weed, or take a dab, simply to get high.

I mostly dab concentrates in order to achieve various targeted effects—whether it’s going to sleep, finding my focus, increased creativity, appetite boost, time travel, etc. . . Other times, I’m down to dab just for the sake of being in my most chill, or elevated mental state. It's perfectly alright to smoke weed, or take a dab, simply to get high. This is why I’m a big fan of products like Sherbinskis’ wax, because it satisfies each of said functions. The cured resin is definitely for the wax connoisseur but also a great entry point more likely to result in a positive first time dab experience for the beginner—a great recreational product that would lend itself to an infused pre-game sesh because the high is definitely intoxicating but not overwhelming. Temperature is very important with this product. I went on the higher side of 500 degrees fahrenheit with a quartz glass banger and experienced a rich, diverse terpene profile, and because I’m a weed nerd/snob/creep that has a digital temperature gauge for dabbing, surprisingly still single.

Compared to other resin and sugar wax products at this high-quality tier that I’ve tried, Sherbinskis’ Cookie Sugar is memorable for a few reasons. First, the resin has a very sweet taste that is true to its name. (I would love to try the source flower and compare the two. Also wouldn't mind some cookies.) The onset of the high was very gradual. And once it peaked, the warm and euphoric sensation was sustained for more than an hour. The music I was playing became more fluid, and the soundwaves were seemingly nearly visible. Outside my window, morning turned into afternoon and Los Angeles glowed orange.

I would highly recommend Sherbinskis’ Cookie Sugar to any recreational cannabis users looking to operate in cheat code mode as well as medical marijuana patients seeking ways to work cannabis into their anti-anxiety regimen. But most importantly, I would recommend this wax the most to the escape artist crawfish from the first paragraph and any other living creature willing to let good weed into their heart, mind, and soul. I wish everyone could dab Sherbinskis’ Cookie Sugar, for world peace or just to have a good time. 

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December 10th, 2022
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