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Stiiizy Purple Ice Cream Live Resin Diamonds


Our Live Resin Diamonds are curated specifically for usability, you will find right-sized diamond crystals suspended in our terpene packed sauce. Some Cannabis strains lend themselves particularly well to diamond creation, like they were intended for it. We let Mother Nature tell us which strains and batches are best suited for our Live Resin Diamonds. PURPLE ICE CREAM TASTE: Candy, Fruity, Herbal FEELING: Focused, Happy, Euphoric DESCRIPTION: Bite into this delicacy of a hybrid and enjoy sweet, dessert-like flavors paired with a happy, focused effect.

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Purple Ice Cream Live Resin Diamonds
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73.44% THC

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1g concentrate


Shine Bright With STIIIZY’s Purple Ice Cream Diamonds

This smooth and tasty live resin from STIIIZY will settle you into your happy place.

IN REVIEW: STIIIZY’S Purple Ice Cream Live Resin with Diamonds offers a smooth and satisfying hit full of intense flavors like fruity candy, grapes, and herbs. It’s just downright delicious, and each hit instantly brings forth potently good vibes and a sense of wondrous creativity. Meaning this is a great concentrate for concerts, get-togethers, and connecting with others. A hybrid that tests in at 73.44% THC and 1.33% CBD, the effects truly ride the line for a welcoming (but heavy-hitting) high that's great for all cannabis consumers.

Purple Ice Cream live resin from STIIIZY grabbed me by the aura and showed me the world like I was Aladdin. Every now and then you stumble upon a new strain that really takes you for a ride, and this was definitely one of those for me. This concentrate delivered a boatload of euphoria while never steering me into waters of anxiety. And as a hybrid, this will bring forth the vibes you’re searching for be it day or night.

I sampled a healthy glob after a particularly grueling run. I instantly fell into recovery mode, and what followed was a feeling of extreme calm and reflection. This is the sort of strain where insights come from seemingly nowhere. It was like a valve had been released somewhere in the deeper recesses of my mind that just gave me an entirely different perspective about the world around me. 

This concentrate delivered a boatload of euphoria while never steering me into waters of anxiety.

It’s a pie-in-the-sky notion, but they should really hand this stuff out at the United Nations or something. Maybe world leaders will start embracing peace a little more. Or maybe they will just get nothing done and play a game of Risk in the break room. Either works for me. Just as long as dialogue is taking place and no real wars break out.

It wasn’t long before I took this high poolside where I found a bit of shade, and maximum comfort. I FaceTimed a few friends, and we took some virtual walks down memory lane. Then my neighbor joined me and we hit up the hot tub and talked about the old lady who leaves food out for coyotes. 

I’m not quite sure how the conversation led to this, but at some point the idea of playing tennis came up, so we grabbed our respective racquets and played a few games at the adjacent tennis court. I play horribly when I’m high (and horribly when I’m not high, come to think of it), but I'll be damned if I didn’t have a lot of fun. This was what I’d call the energetic portion of my high, and the entire match was a euphoric and carefree exercise in spur of the moment thinking.

If you are suffering from a lack of appetite, this live resin should also easily turn that around.

If you are suffering from a lack of appetite, this live resin should also easily turn that around. I got really hungry, so we ordered some delivery and ate it al fresco. Throughout this entire high I don’t believe I thought about work once, or the fact that there is a major water leak at our place that will have us spending an indefinite amount of time in a hotel while the problem gets fixed. It was just the sort of mental respite I was craving and quite frankly, needed. A very que sera, sera (whatever will be, will be) sort of attitude took hold, which I think is a healthy way of looking at things.

STIIIZY’s Purple Ice Cream with Diamonds provided a mental balm of sorts. For stress and physical pain sufferers you can do no wrong with this concentrate. The vibrancy it injected into my day was more than welcome, and everything just seemed heightened. Relaxing on a chaise lounge was heightened. Running around on a tennis court became heightened. 

Even eating a large sub sandwich became the stuff of dreams. I’m glad my friend joined in the fun too because this is a high best shared with others. It really lends itself to socializing and just engaging in conversation. And during a time of great personal turbulence, this swooped in like the hero it is. I didn’t know what to make of this diamond crystals craze, but STIIIZY has sure made a believer out of me.

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February 4th, 2023
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