White Runtz Curated Live Resin


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79.94% THC
Sour, Fruity

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About Stiiizy

Whether you're a cannabis connoisseur or new to the scene, Stiiizy is a brand you can trust to provide a premium experience every time. Founded in 2017 in LA, they quickly gained a reputation with the launch of their vapes that offer a burnless, leak-free experience. Today they cultivate, hand-select, and name all of their own strains in-house, and use state-of-the-art tech to turn them into everything you see in their can't miss catalog. They also have 30 retail locations throughout CA and MI–so if you find yourself in either state and you’re looking to alter yours, pick up some of their stellar products and you’ll quickly see why STIIIZYs rapid growth in popularity shows no signs of slowing down.

Expert Review

Settling In With STIIIZY’s Runtz

Review by Luca Belloiu

Jun 21, 2022 · 4 min read

White Runtz Live Resin from Stiiizy is a stress sufferer's dream concentrate.

In Review: Whether you’re battling a case of the Sunday scaries or you’re shouldering the weight of something a bit more serious, STIIIZY’s White Runtz Curated Live Resin will help set your mind at ease. Perfect for both day or night, this concentrate will help you relax and unwind as your head gets lost in a calm sea of uplifting euphoria. Each puff of this hybrid tasted better than the last, with notes of herbs, fruit, and diesel coming through in the smooth smoke. And the 79.94% THC makes it formidable but not overwhelming, meaning it is suitable for any cannabis consumer who has been around the block at least once or twice.

I proselytize all things Runtz, all of the time. Mostly because it is this perfectly balanced euphoria machine of a flower that I can see myself growing old with. The White Runtz Live Resin version from STIIIZY shows me that my quest is real, and that it’s just. This live resin also came into my life at a particularly stressful time. 

Dealing with water damage and living in a hotel as a result can really stretch the limits of positivity. When all seemed lost amidst a storm of dealing with claims adjusters, contractors, and a fleet of plumbing experts, I took a break from it all and vaped this White Runtz live resin as a way to gain back some equilibrium. It instantly helped me gain a perspective on things, and as a result I felt more relaxed than I had in a long while.

I felt more relaxed than I had in a long while.

After a day of assessing, purchasing, running to Home Depot and looking at my bank account with one eye closed, I was able to put that all to rest once and for all. Nothing more could be done, so I vaped this STIIIZY concentrate and walked over to our hotel pool where I proceeded to lay out and catch some rays. And soon enough, I could feel the tension I’d been harboring just slip away.

I also had the added bonus of meeting a lovely couple from Bridgewater, Connecticut, who were in town for a wedding. When they asked what I was in for I answered, “Water damage.” Then I remember trying to make a joke where I compared the water damage at our home to the skin damage I was currently getting while out under the hot sun. It was not my best work. I recognized that it landed badly when they offered me some of their own sunblock and then a period of long silence followed.

At any rate, we managed to get past that initial awkwardness and have a really pleasant conversation about the perils of cryptocurrency. I was honestly a bit surprised I didn’t come off as more of a crazed individual, what with all the stress that I was under. I guess that’s a testimony to both the potency and the manageability of this flower. It was clear that this concentrate could take you to some pretty special states of mind, and all while not filling your head up with anxiety.

I found the White Runtz Live Resin from STIIIZY to be the ideal way to wind down any evening.

I found the White Runtz Live Resin from STIIIZY to be the ideal way to wind down any evening. It has the ability to reset your entire outlook in that it almost reminds you that any day can be salvaged when your mind ceases to focus on the negative. Sort of like anti-lock brakes for your brain. Living in a world where we dodge a steady barrage of crap and conmen as a default way of life can be draining at times. 

It’s nice to know that there is something you can reach for that turns everything on its head to inject gratitude where only moments ago there was scorn. A sort of flower that brings clarity from a state of cloudiness. That is what it was like for me when I vaped a healthy globule of the White Runtz. If you suffer from the blues, have been beaten down by unseen forces, or harbor old mining injuries I cannot see how this live resin from STIIIZY wouldn’t shine a little light in your direction in the form of a supremely satisfying high.