Sativa Cherry Cola Gummies


Product Details

10mg THC
Cola, Sweet, Cherry
Serving Size
1 gummy
Corn syrup, sugar, gelatin, water, sorbitol, natural and artificial flavor, citric acid, cannabis oil (purified using CO2 and/or ethanol) blue 1, red 40, malic acid, sodium benzoate, canola oil
Nutrition Facts
Total Fat0g

Product Description

District Edibles' Sativa Cherry Cola Gummies are dense and chewy with a bizarre flavor of plastic and berry candy. The uplifting high is typically balanced and clearheaded, making this a great option for outdoor barbeques and social parties (in the presence of comfortable company). The head high is eager and happy, so if you're feeling more reclusive you can use it to get creative with your work.

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District's Cherry Cola: A Wave of Energy With Flavor to Savor

Review by Nich Esposito

Dec 10, 2021 · 5 min read

Perfectly palatable and potent, just don’t bite off more than you can chew, psychoactively speaking.

In Review: District Edibles knows that exceptional oil creates exceptional edibles, so each delicious batch is dominance specific and infused with fully activated cannabis oil for edibles you can feel. Made from scratch, you can expect a consistent dose coupled with an overall unique experience thanks to the individual flavors—and this Cherry Cola Sativa will provide a creative and uplifting spark that will have you crushing to-do lists with ease. Each 100mg pack contains 10 individually sealed 10mg gummies, allowing you to bite off a preformed corner for smaller dosing while keeping the rest of the pack fresh for you to work through at your own pace.

These stellar gummies from District Edibles are as full of flavor as they are a high. Tasty as a cola chew from Haribo and covered with just the right amount of sugar, these little packets of deliciousness are perfect for the creative stoner looking to power through a jam session or rock a team meeting. Just don’t play acoustic on the conference call.

Perfect for the creative stoner looking to power through a jam session.

In all seriousness, the District Edibles Cherry Cola sativa gummies have been one of the most flavorful and delicious cannabis-infused treats I’ve ever had the pleasure of consuming. Full of flavor, but not too sweet. Layered with just enough hint of that marijuana taste to remind you what you’re getting into, while actually employing the notes of energy and zest so often adorning a sativa label, but not often enough accompanying the actual high.

Within the first twenty minutes of popping a single treat, a light wave of euphoria washed over me. All things told, I’m a bit of a heavyweight. Because of my high tolerance, I run the risk with edibles of not getting much out of only one piece. But it’s fair to say that with just one of these Cherry Cola charms, mind and body joined in the congress of a rising buzz. 

The head high began as a soft fuzziness. A fluffy kind of warmth that allowed my thoughts to start reaching for the creative endeavors currently waiting patiently on my desk (like this very article). Not even allowing, but encouraging. This sativa was actually doing the job in that the comfortable headspace wasn’t something that subdued me, but really got me wanting to tackle some kind of task. I started getting ideas…

This sativa was actually doing the job in that the comfortable headspace wasn’t something that subdued me.

After the initial rush, I began to come down about a half hour later. Keep in mind, my tolerance is rather high, but a metric to find a good gauge from my own note taking is to think of your past experiences with ten milligrams of THC. If a half hour was where mine dipped off, the average user can probably double that. An hour into consuming one piece of these District Edibles Cherry Colas, you’ll definitely know if you’re ready for another. (Diving in too soon can be a veritable death knell for many, so time your doses wisely.)

Being the professional that I am (wink, wink. Note the byline), I felt that I could double my dose at the half hour mark. My body was still feeling pleasant, but I wanted to continue along on my journey of discovery with the District’s tasty cherry delights. It took another ten minutes or so, but the second wave hit, and my euphoria deepened.

For another hour, I jotted and scribbled, writing a plethora of jokes and jibes, of quips to be considered for later drafts and different projects. The high was a joyful ride through the cosmos of creativity, never pushing me to the pits of overthinking, happily allowing me to splash more ideas on the page at whim, and never looking back over what I’ve written in disgust. 

There is sometimes the risk of getting so high that you believe you’re writing with the depth of Camus. Yet after a cursory proofread, in less of a “heightened” state, you realize you’ve merely shat out some heady psychobabble that even the highest of junkies would laugh out of the back alley. I am happy to report that didn’t occur with District Edibles.

Luckily for us, we DO live in a world with District Edibles Cherry Cola cannabis-infused sativa gummies.

It was a fun ride at the office (to use terms probably not acceptable for most employees in the workforce, considering the intoxicating effects of the product I’m reviewing), and one that I would recommend specifically to creatives using their high to do their creating, or simply anyone who enjoys good edibles. In doing this work, you sometimes come across some duds. Some tasteless, formless, or over-processed waxy garbage that you then have to find a way to describe without completely bashing and tarnishing the brand of. And it never feels good. Because you wish they could ALL be winners...but that’s just not the world we live in.

Luckily for us, we DO live in a world with District Edibles Cherry Cola cannabis-infused sativa gummies. A delicious product that provides exactly what it advertises on the packaging. Whether you’re staying in with the girls, or heading out to take over the world, go and get yourself a box, because I know I’ll be back for more.

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