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District Edibles Sativa Tropical Punch Gummies


District Edibles' Sativa Tropical Punch Gummies make for a soothing and sometimes motivating high. The uplifting head buzz comes at the cost of an unpleasant medicinal flavor, but it's pretty good for clearing the mind and making room for fresh ideas.

Ranked 280 of 294 in Edibles for feeling Euphoric.

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Sativa Tropical Punch Gummies
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10mg THC





Serving Size

1 gummy

Package Contents/Qty

10 pieces (100mg THC)

Dietary Labels


Side Effects


Shelf Life



Corn Syrup, sugar, gelatin, water, sorbitol, natural and artificial flavor, citric acid, cannabis oil, blue 1, red 40, Malic acid, sodium benzoate, canola oil

Nutrition Facts
Calories 6
Total Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 1.3mg
Total Carbohydrates 2.12g
Sugars 2g
Protein 0g


All Treat, No Tricks From District Edibles

Sativa Tropical Punch Gummies are an adult candy that will make any day feel like a holiday.

In Review: District Edibles knows that exceptional oil creates exceptional edibles, so each delicious batch is dominance specific and infused with fully activated cannabis oil for edibles you can feel. Made from scratch, you can expect a consistent dose coupled with an overall unique experience thanks to the individual flavors—and this Tropical Punch Sativa will have you feeling like you’re on island time wherever you are. Each 100mg pack contains 10 individually sealed 10mg gummies, allowing you to bite off a preformed corner for smaller dosing while keeping the rest of the pack fresh for you to work through at your own pace.

We have all managed to survive one of the weirdest years in modern history, and now it's time to celebrate that monumental achievement of surviving. After getting through The Great Quarantine, every holiday in 2021 should feel a little bit more special, just because we finally get to do things. One of the first big holidays to pop up in our post-vaccine world was Halloween, a perfect chance to party post-pandemic. In an appropriately macabre way, at that.

The Tropical Fruit Punch Sativa gummies from District Edibles had just the perfect balance of sweetness and euphoria.

This Hallows Eve, I was craving some candy that would take my night to an elevated level, and give me more oomph than a sugar rush. The Tropical Fruit Punch Sativa gummies from District Edibles had just the perfect balance of sweetness and euphoria to deliver a Samhain night’s treat that was more heaven than hell.

Though it was autumn, I live in LA, so I still had to be careful about keeping them at the right temperature. Edibles can run into some serious problems when it comes to heat exposure. If you forget them in the car for even a short amount of time in a place like super-sunny Los Angeles, they can begin to melt and stick together. This is more than just a gooey-messy eating problem, it can seriously affect your dosing. If gummies melt and reform, the cannabis concentrate that holds all that THC goodness can begin to redistribute itself. You can wind up with a few candies that have almost no effect, and one whopper that is suddenly three doses in one.

And when it comes to edibles, controlling your dose can save you from a potentially really bad trip. I love the intelligence in District’s packaging that separates each gummy into its own little aluminum sealed section, like some gums, which ensures they can’t mix and mingle with each other, and mess up either your fingers or your high.

Each package contains 10 pieces at 10mg THC (and <2mg CBD) each. All of the gummies were in perfect shape, all sealed in their individual packaging slots. I didn’t even have to worry about washing my hands before eating one since I could pop it right out of the plastic directly into my mouth. While that <2 mg of CBD doesn’t seem like much to care about, even a small amount of CBD mixed with your THC can enhance the feeling due to the entourage effect.

If you are a newbie to edibles and want to start with a smaller dose.

District is also smart enough to add MCT oil (derived from coconut) and some canola oil to their gummies, which enhances the absorption since THC is fat soluble. All of this adds up to a powerfully potent little bite. If you are a newbie to edibles and want to start with a smaller dose, their signature ‘X’ shape can be easily split into four corners for about 2.5mg each.

The strength of the THC is balanced by the taste, helping curb the temptation to overdo it. The flavor was reminiscent of a fruit punch flavored kid’s medicine, which had a nostalgic tinged sweetness, but wasn’t the yummiest. Though sometimes it's good for medicine to taste like, well, medicine, keeping you from accidentally binging on sweet medicated treats like they’re actual candy and winding up too intoxicated.

The high had a warm and fuzzy vibe that helped me feel nice and cozy inside the little nooks of my brain, even as the air outside became increasingly full of that crisp early autumnal chill. It brought a creative mood boost to my brain, and helped clear my head of some anxiety. Thanks to the uplifting sativa effects, it also kept me feeling bright and buoyant, allowing me to float through my night and still get shit done without winding up huddled on a couch in an actual corner somewhere.

The tension in my shoulders slowly relaxed, and I felt my anxiety unwind its vice-grip on my brain.

The gummy also helped soothe my aching body a bit. The tension in my shoulders slowly relaxed, and I felt my anxiety unwind its vice-grip on my brain. A friend had offered to give me a tattoo in his apartment, and I was finally feeling bold enough to accept that exciting but nerve-wracking offer. The gummy not only helped ease my worry and body tension, but did so in a tattoo-friendly way; and while alcohol is a big no-no when getting tattooed because it thins your blood and can increase the amount you bleed (and can also make you move more, both of which make it much harder for the artist to do a quality job), consuming a tiny bit of cannabis is a-ok.

Being under the effects of cannabis may not be the best mindset to make a permanent life choice (looking at you, regrettable but seriously funny tattoos), but luckily I had already picked out a classy moon phase design a few weeks earlier. As my friend prepped his tools, I felt my heart race, but the euphoric effect of the gummy helped keep me feeling chill. The light body high made the vibrations from the needle feel more like a super-hard massage chair than a constant stabbing. 

After about five hours, as the tattoo wore on and the gummy wore off, I felt how much it had made the initial part much more tolerable. I regretted not bringing a second dose with me though, as the more it faded, the more my arm throbbed and my brain focused on the pain.

The uplifting, euphoric and relaxing sensations were so perfectly balanced, which made these Tropical Fruit Punch Sativa gummies from District Edibles my new go-to holiday helpers. Next time I get a tattoo, or have a holiday to celebrate, I’m bringing the whole box along for the ride.

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January 17th, 2022
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