Pineapple Gummies



Product Details

10mg THC for one half
Serving Size
1/2 gummy
Agar, carob, gelatin, glucose, cane sugar, glycerin, citric acid, cannabis oil, natural coloring and flavor
Nutrition Facts
Total Fat0g
Total Carbs6g
Dietary Fiber0.1g
Total Sugars2.9g

Effects Profile

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Expert Review

Premium Distillate Makes for Premier Gummies

Review by Lindsay MaHarry

Jun 04, 2020 · 6 min read

These Clean, Powerful Gummies Vanquished My Mid-Quar Blahs

IN REVIEW: Newbies beware, these Heavy Hitters’ Pineapple Gummies stay true to the name and pack in 20mg of THC apiece. So split one with a friend for your first go around, and settle in for what should be a memorable ride. These edibles undergo the same level of refinement as their vapes, ensuring you a clean and reliable high every time. The taste may leave something to be desired, but any vegans looking for an edible without animal-derived gelatin may have found their go-to. These are just as great for a hike as they are for chilling and recovering after.

With summer just around the corner, it’s a confusing time to be quarantined in California. The beaches opened, then closed, then opened again. It’s okay to hang out in small groups, I think. But with Trump’s war on the CDC and reason in general, it’s hard to tell what’s safe. Then, and perhaps most importantly, the hot, sticky reality of spending Summer 2020 in an elastic face mask is beginning to materialize, the true horrors of which we’ve yet to fully comprehend.

Even as a cannabis journalist with unlimited access to products that get you high, I’ve found myself in a state of something I’ve dubbed the Mid-Quar Blahs. The result of quarantine’s combo of months-long isolation and total lack of social interaction, it’s a sweet spot once described by Pink Floyd as comfortably numb. Not happy, not sad, just blah.

About Heavy Hitters

Heavy Hitters is a premier cannabis brand that has established itself as a leader in the industry through its commitment to providing ultra-premium products. The brand's focus on purity, potency, and safety is unmatched, making it a trusted choice among even the most discerning cannabis consumers. And through their rigorous extraction process, they use only the finest flower and 100% cannabis native terpenes to produce complex, full-bodied blends that provide consistent flavor and effects every single time.