Mazapan Bar


Product Details

10mg THC
Sweet, Chocolate
Serving Size
1 piece
Sugar, palm kernel and palm oils, whey, cocoa, nonfat milk, sunflower letichin, vegetable oil, corn syrup solids, sodium caselnate, salt, dipotassium phosphate, sodium citrate, sodium aluminosillcate, mono-and dyglycerldes, sucralose, vanilla, and cannabis extract
Nutrition Facts
Total Fat2.15g
Total Carbs4.35g
Total Sugar4.31g

Product Description

Buttery smooth with just a hint of almond goodness, our Marzapan chocolate is all of your childhood memories in a grown-up cannabis-infused package. The delicious mix of sugar, honey, and ground almonds is a versatile, worldly treat that is a staple in cultures around the globe. This simple candy is known to take many shapes and forms, from little edible animals and fruits to wedding cake toppers. Marzapan gets a make-over here in chocolate-bar form to give you a perfect, global take on a classic edible.

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Expert Review

This Sweet Bar Serves Up A Good Time

Review by Luca Belloiu

Sep 28, 2022 · 4 min read

This sweet Mazapan Bar from La Familia is a decadent way to usher in good vibes.

IN REVIEW: This Mazapan Bar from La Familia has rich notes of white chocolate with hints of honey and almond. It’s quite decadent, making it a delight for those with a sweet tooth, and perhaps a bit much for those who prefer more toned-down treats. But this is a fun high through and through that will enhance outdoor adventures of all stripes, and make checking items off of a to-do list a breeze. Each individual piece offers 10mg of THC with ten per bar, allowing you to dose through your day, dole out pieces to your buds or go full bore. There’s no wrong way to enjoy this uplifting offering from La Familia.

La Familia’s White Chocolate Mazapan bar looks like it belongs on the gourmet confection shelf at your local upscale grocer. Coming in at 100 total mgs of THC with 10mg individual pieces, this is one edible that should easily satiate your sweet tooth and craving for an altered state of mind. While overly sweet for my taste and sporting a consistency that is somewhat paste-like, the overall flavor of this edible bar is lacking. I think those who enjoy white chocolate with heavy notes of honey and vanilla will respond favorably to this however. I’m thinking of people who like flavored coffee and pour maple syrup on everything.

This was a high that just filled you with euphoria and awe.

It should be noted that to take a confectionary like marzipan and white chocolate, two treats that are not as widely beloved in America, and recreate them as a medicinal edible is just the sort of cultural derring-do that should win points with those who are tired of the usual chocolate cannabis bar. Though those seeking a more health-conscious bar with a low-sugar content will find no friend here.

The onset is impressively quick. I consumed one piece in the morning with a cup of tea, and within 15 minutes I was devising a plan to go kayaking in the Channel Islands with friends. When I finished organizing that spur-of-the-moment trip, I took the dog out for an epic hike around the surrounding hills. As a morning pick-me-up, this Mazapan Bar from La Familia was a first-rate choice. I was clear of mind and fleet of foot. I travailed the nearby trail paths with my faithful pooch and we even encountered a mule deer, which is a first. My dog damn near lost his mind. As stoked as I was to see this, I got even more pumped when I reached the top of the hike that overlooked the entire valley floor. This was a high that just filled you with euphoria and awe at times.

Both my dog and I ran back down the trail with carefree abandon. Listening to music with this buzz is also a plus. I felt myself bouncing along to the sound of an eclectic 90’s mix, and it was as if I hadn’t a worry in the world. Communing with nature, embarking on a local adventure and losing oneself in music and companionship are just a few of the things that are magnified and enhanced with this edible high.

Upon returning from my run I snapped another piece in half and treated myself to an additional 5mg of THC. Just enough to prevent me from conking out after my workout so that I could further stretch my productivity streak. Without missing a beat, I was able to send out some work emails, do some laundry, and to the ever-lasting delight of my wife, vacuum and Swiffer the floors. It was the sort of high that really makes things like Swiffering an enjoyable activity, as odd as that sounds.

It was the sort of high that really makes things like Swiffering an enjoyable activity.

Especially if you are able to elevate it to an Olympic-style event. While listening to the soothing sounds of Naughty by Nature I batted out figure eights and long graceful Swiffer loops like a Bolshoi level ballerino. I quite simply was able to step into the groove of all things with only 15 total mgs of THC coursing through my marzipan tinged veins.

This is ultimately a fun high that continues to keep one in good spirits. I can see this as being conducive to social gatherings and most outdoor activities, and you can rest assured that this is a clear headed and freeing high with no signs of anxiety. Making it fun for the whole familia (being that they are of age of course).