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Papa's Select Gargoyle Melon Berry Gummies


Ranked 141 of 285 in Edibles for feeling Euphoric.

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Ranked 141 of 285 in Edibles for feeling Euphoric.

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Gargoyle Melon Berry Gummies
Product Information

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10mg THC





Serving Size

1 gummy

Package Contents/Qty

10 gummies (100mg THC)

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Sugar, Water, Tapioca Syrup, Pectin, Citric Acid, MCT Oil, Cannabis, Sodium Citrate


Gargoyles and Ganja: A Halloween Match Made in Heaven

These tasty gummies from Papa’s Select Living Extracts deliver a fun and long-lasting buzz.

IN REVIEW: The perfect companion to get into that Halloween spirit, these flavorful, berry-accented Gargoyle Melon Berry gummies from Papa's Select offer 10mg of THC each for an incredibly fun time. Every batch is made with live ice water hash grown by Tar Hill Cannabis to provide upbeat and focusing effects that we highly recommend you share with others. So stock up to be ready for any social situation. 

The Gargoyle Melon Berry Gummy delivers the sort of tastiness that can get you into big trouble. Luckily, I managed to control my impulse to eat the entire package and stuck to just one 10mg gummy. And thankfully, that turned out to be the sweet spot that sent me to my comfort zone. I wanted to be careful to not go past my normal dosage, as on that day the wife and I were decorating for Halloween. I didn’t want to tempt fate, what with so many frights already in the air.

It inspired curiosity, but also just a general sense of fun.

The onset was quick. It took about 15 minutes for these edibles to start knocking on my door. I felt an initial wave of relaxation wash over me before it settled into the back of my neck. Then this rolling blanket of energy wound its way around my shoulders, and afforded me an almost instant reprieve from the trouble it’s been giving me. At only 10mgs, this edible was already doing some heavy lifting. As far as pain goes, these delicious Gargoyles managed to dig their wretched talons into my heart and thus win me over. It was nice to get the day started without feeling like the Tin Man, sans lubrication.

This high proved to be uptempo and open to my surroundings. Like an aperture that was slowly widening, revealing more as the high unfolded. It inspired curiosity, but also just a general sense of fun. In other words, it was the perfect companion for Halloween decorating. This vaunted ritual is always kicked off with the playing of Bobby “Boris” Pickett’s “Monster Mash.” When one is high and gets to listening to “The Mash” (as I call it), you can instantly see why this song was deemed to be a Graveyard Smash.

I digress, the wife and I then proceeded to unpack our Halloween boxes and start decorating the place in cobwebs and various gothic ephemera. By the time I got to posing two plastic skeletons in incendiary positions, this edible had fully engulfed me in a spirit of quiet Bacchanalia. I reveled in carving a rather large pumpkin while “The Mash” spun for the hundredth time in the background. My wife pleaded with me that we change the song, but I would not relent. These Gargoyles had me possessed. I told her if we had to have the movie “Hocus Pocus” on in the background then “Monster Mash” must also be played for the exact same duration. She told me that didn’t make any sense, and then I made the mistake of telling her that “Hocus Pocus” didn’t make any sense, and that turned out to be the wrong thing to say.

A suitable analgesic that works well with creative pursuits or unwinding yourself.

Apparently, “Hocus Pocus” enjoys quite the cult following. In my wife’s case, it has a rabid cult following, and it was at that moment I was glad I took only one gummy instead of seven like I originally wanted because my wife’s face got really red and scary, and I thought that she was going to turn me into a cat or something. At any rate, I kept my composure and agreed that we could throw on the occasional “Werewolves of London” or OG Ghostbusters theme song here and there. She apparently did not sign off on such an agreement, so we wound up just watching and listening to “Hocus Pocus.” Which, as it turns out, is not a bad movie to watch when you are high.

This is the kind of buzz you can get lost in, and then easily find your way back out of. It seamlessly shifts from relaxing to euphoric without ever straying into anxiety land. A suitable analgesic that works well with creative pursuits or unwinding yourself. Laughs and good vibes can be had with this, so enjoying it with others would be a ghoulishly fun thing to do. Preferably with some Hocus Pocus, Monster Mash, and witch’s brew. 

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November 26th, 2021
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