Garlic Cookies Gummies



Product Details

10mg THC
Sour, Citrus
Serving Size
1 gummy
Sugar, Water, Tapioca Syrup, Pectin, Citric Acid, MCT Oil, Cannabis, Sodium Citrate
Nutrition Facts
Total Fat0g
Total Carbs3g
Dietary Fiber0g
Total Sugar2g

Effects Profile

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The effect profile of Papa's Select Garlic Cookies Gummies is based on 3 user reviews.





Expert Review

Garlic Cookies: The Perfect Bite for a Bit of Respite

Review by Luca Belloiu

Oct 29, 2021 · 4 min read

Relaxation and a sense of wonder converge in these Papa’s Select Sour Gummies.

IN REVIEW: Each of these premium sour gummies is crafted with live ice water hash harvested by Emerald Queen Farms in the Emerald Triangle. And with 10 pieces coming in at 10mg of THC apiece, each potent package has everything it needs to put you down. Though that’s not to say these will send you straight to sleep. With sour, savory, and sweet flavors hitting all at once, you can expect a burst of uplifting euphoria before the effects even take hold, and an even-keeled ride you can take into almost anything.

These gummies from Papa’s Select are a triumvirate of sweet, sour, and savory expressions. As someone with a rather low tolerance for edibles, 10mgs is usually my sweet spot, and these Garlic Cookies delivered on the top-notch experience I’ve come to expect from Papa & Barkley. I was first struck by how quick the onset was. Within twenty minutes, I felt fully swaddled by an invisible blanket. It was relaxation writ large. Little surprise, as this strain learned after its parents. It keeps the cerebral potency of Chem Dawg, and melds that with the joy-inducing qualities of Girl Scout Cookies to form a truly stress-obliterating experience.