Alien OG


Product Details

21.73% THC, 0.03% CBD
Citrus, Earthy

Product Description

Caliva's Alien OG flower raises standards in smokability. Aside from the occasional dry mouth, the high is an easy cruise with feelings of relaxation and arousal. Once the body high gets going, you'll notice aches get lighter and maybe even dissipate completely. There's a soft wave of focus, but the body high will likely leave you tired. With that in mind, this is a good high for curling up with a book in bed.

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Expert Review

The Nose Knows What It Wants

Review by Laura Benack

Jul 20, 2018 · 4 min read

And what it wants is high-quality herb.

During one of my early dispensary visits in Los Angeles, I remember hearing the expression “the nose knows” and it’s one I’ve never forgotten. When I first heard the phrase, I was peppering an extremely patient budtender with questions as I tried to decide on the perfect strain of weed to buy. As is usually the case, I was feeling overwhelmed by the number of options in front of me. When the budtender recommended I choose whichever strain smelled the best to me, my expression must have given away that I was unimpressed. She continued by explaining that “actually, the nose knows what the body needs.”

These days, I let my nose lead the way when it comes to strain selection.

My review of Caliva's Alien OG weed:

Back then, I wasn’t aware that all plants contain fragrant oils or “terpenes” that give them their unique scent. Each terpene has a distinct fragrance and associated therapeutic benefit and it’s the terpenes in cannabis that determine what kind of high you will experience. So it stands to reason that our noses are drawn to strains containing the terpenes our bodies crave. These days, I let my nose lead the way when it comes to strain selection. And on a recent Thursday night, I tried an indica-dominant strain of Alien OG flower by Caliva that threw my nose for a loop.

When I opened the bag of Caliva Alien OG flower, my senses were immediately overwhelmed by its intoxicating smell. I detected sour citrus notes, plus berries and pine. As I ground up the buds, the scent became stronger and even more alluring. My senses heightened as I prepped the buds in my joint rolling machine. I could not wait to smoke this weed.

When I took the first puff of the joint, I could taste the citrus I’d been smelling moments before. The smoke was smooth with a pleasant, sweet aftertaste. Almost immediately, I felt the tension in my shoulders melting away. Like many people, I hold a lot of stress in my neck and shoulders and I’m always looking for new stretches to try and gadgets (like this wacky-looking self-massage stick) to help ease the pain. I was delighted to be able to add a new Indica strain to my repertoire of pain-relieving tools. This would be the perfect flower to consume before a yoga class or at the end of a long day spent sitting at a desk. As someone who also deals with monthly cramps and lower back aches, I took note that Alien OG would be great to try for relieving some of the pain and tension I regularly experience.

A wave of euphoria washed over me 10-15 minutes after smoking.

In addition to the physical relaxation I felt, a wave of euphoria washed over me 10-15 minutes after smoking. I was in a great mood and finally had the patience to make a phone call I had been putting off for a few days. About 30 minutes later, the munchies were setting in so I called my boyfriend downstairs for a serious discussion about what to eat for dinner. We decided to check out a new Thai restaurant within walking distance of home. As we walked along Sunset Boulevard, I felt very peaceful, taking notice of the orange sky and purple bougainvillea flowers that were in full bloom. I felt immensely grateful for the lovely evening and the delicious meal. Over the next couple hours, the high faded gradually and after dinner I spent the rest of the night curled up on the couch watching Recovery Boys on Netflix.

Grown indoors, Caliva’s Alien OG strain is a cross between Tahoe OG and Alien Kush. Caliva’s cultivators manage one of the largest indoor grows in California. The brand puts a high value on consistency and its strains are carefully selected for aroma, flavor, potency, and terpene content. Alien OG contains the terpenes myrcene, pinene, and limonene with an added THC content of 21.73%. Apart from smelling amazing, Caliva’s Alien OG is a heavy-hitting strain that packs a celestial one-two punch of joy and pain relief.

Like that budtender explained so many years back, the nose does know what it wants and I know my nose will lead me back to pain-relieving flower like this time and time again.