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Caliva Reef Leaf Hybrid Weed


Ranked 358 of 491 in Flowers for feeling Euphoric.

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The info below is based on at least three sessions completed by Proper Cannabis Committee members.

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Ranked 358 of 491 in Flowers for feeling Euphoric.

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Reef Leaf Hybrid
Product Information

Before the committee gets their hands on the product and formally rates it, the Proper team scrapes the product packaging, scours the internet, and occasionally calls the brand directly to hunt down the most accurate information about each product.


20.43% THC

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The New Surf And Turf

This pre-ground flower is a stellar sidekick for any journey.

IN REVIEW: Pinch and pack or roll one up—Caliva’s Reef Leaf Hybrid makes getting high easier than ever. Grab your board or bike and a book and hit the beach, or ride around town and see where the day takes you with this high that pairs perfectly with damn near anything. Expect mood boosting energy to put a smile on your face and help you get immersed in whatever it is you choose to do. It’s also a great starter option for those new to cannabis that lack a complete smoking setup.

Reef Leaf Hybrid by Caliva is essentially a pouch of high-grade, pre-ground flower. The packaging is reminiscent of the Big League Chew gum I used to stuff into my mouth during my Little League days. My how times have changed. Opening this pouch is like an aria for the nostrils. Vibrant notes of pine and grapefruit leap out to introduce themselves. So much so that I stuck my schnozz all the way inside the pouch like a beagle hunting for lost snacks under the couch.

Light euphoria coupled with a sense of joy was the unfolding theme of my bike ride.

The surf design that’s emblazoned on this flower pouch matched up with my goal for the day. I would dust off the old bicycle and take a ride towards the coast. If all went according to plan, I’d hit the Pacific by lunch. This Reef Leaf would act as my aide-de-camp on this journey to the sea. Thankfully, the entire trip would take place across a state park where no cars could be seen—and hardly any people either for that matter. This would make for some smooth sailing and stress free vaping.

I started off at an early hour when the sun was still struggling to break through the marine layer. Arriving at the trailhead, I eased into an herbal breakfast of Reef Leef in my dry herb vaporizer. Uplifting notes of citrus and pine shone through and gave me an instant appreciation for the nature that awaited me. This is a steady and chill high that matched my easy-going pace and helped me lose myself in the surroundings. It’s a high that doesn’t overwhelm the senses. Light euphoria coupled with a sense of joy was the unfolding theme of my bike ride.

There was a stretch of paved road where I actually and metaphorically took my hands off the handlebars and let the morning breeze overtake me as I spread my arms wide for dramatic effect. The sun was hitting my face, and it was as close to a blissful moment as one could capture on a Monday morning. I must have resembled a stoned version of Kevin Costner from the beginning of Dances with Wolves when he rides blindly into musket fire, but instead of preparing to meet my maker, I was just diving headlong into a contentful buzz that had me beachbound.

As I approached the vacant campground across the Pacific Coast Highway, I skidded my bike to a stop the moment the ocean was in view. I packed up the vaporizer with another pinch of Reef Leef and thought to myself, “This looks like a commercial.” As if a camera was pointed in my direction, I looked towards the great blue yonder and remarked to myself, “Why this is some smooth hitting ganja.” 

This handy pouch of pre-ground bud is perfect for on-the-go highs and easy access on vacation.

Had it been an actual commercial, I probably would have followed that up with a ring of the ol’ bicycle bell, a flip of the hair (what is left of it) and a plunge in the ocean. I can see the freeze frame now as I joyously leap into the tide with my vaporizer high above my head to not get it wet. In actuality, I clunkily chained up my bike, looked both ways before crossing the PCH and dipped my foot into the water, which truth be told, was just as exciting. Best not to go overboard. I still had to ride back.

This was a delightful immersion in surf and turf made all the more memorable with the help of Caliva’s Reef Leef. A subtle workhorse of a bud, and while it doesn’t deliver a powerful high, it will unlock a steady wave of happiness and euphoria that‘ll make any adventure a shade brighter.

Reef Leaf’s hybrid option has 20.43% THC and makes for a solid daytime high with little to no side effects. This handy pouch of pre-ground bud is perfect for on-the-go highs and easy access on vacation. Sometimes you just don’t feel like going through the trouble of breaking apart a large nug when you aren’t at home in front of your rolling tray. For me, it was a matter of pinching, placing, and vaporizing and I was back on the bike trail in no time. Retailing for $20, this 5 gram pouch is a steal.

Community Reviews

5 out of 5 (1 Review)

The first time I tried it I thought I'd had LSD accidentally! Very good pot, but better if you have a tolerance. Won't recommend it to a newbie, it can get overwhelming really quick.

January 21st, 2022

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