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GM-Oh Boy

Review by Luca Belloiu

Sep 23, 2022 · 4 min read

This frosty flower from Cannabiotix delivers some superior relaxation and mindfulness.

IN REVIEW: GM-UHOH from Cannabiotix is an indica-dominant flower that tests at 34% THC, meaning its effects will hit hard and it will make itself known in a hurry. It’s both sedating and relaxing, making it a perfect go-to for winding down after a long day. An effective analgesic that also works well as a sleep aid, you can expect some serious couchlock from this flower, and a reliable option for eradicating stress or any pesky pain you can’t seem to say goodbye to. Smoke this cross of the two classic strains Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdawg with confidence.

This flower delivers a peculiar sort of high, where it starts off as focusing and even uplifting, but it slowly leads you to your couch or preferred comfy place—where you will surely remain zonked for a good amount of time. From going on an extended hike with my dog to being body locked in front of the television screen, this indica flower really spans the spectrum of what a cannabis high can do.

This flower reminds you that savoring the moment is not a bad thing.

The taste is full bodied and savory with a hint of pepper, and it comes on with a wave of euphoria that can really add a layer of vibrancy to your day. This is best exemplified outdoors where a simple walk around the neighborhood can take on a new poignancy and perspective.

I took my dog to his favorite play spot, which is a nearby volleyball court filled with sand. As he excitedly ran around and dug his paws through the sand, I gave chase and lost myself in the moment. The sun was setting, nobody was around, and it was just one of those moments that seemed to be captured in time.

But this brief moment of exuberance soon transitioned to an almost catatonic level of sedation. I remember running after my dog one second, and in the very next moment I plopped myself down in the sand alongside him and just looked towards the distant mountains. This was very out of character for me, as when I’m usually out walking the dog or going for a hike I am a man on a mission. I employ a strict “no stopping” policy, but this bud would not be denied.

The talent of this flower reminds you that savoring the moment is not a bad thing. In fact, it can be quite nurturing. So I went along with that script and just rested out in the great wide expanse of the park we were in and chilled about as hard as I can ever remember chilling. My mind was awash in big picture stuff. No small-time gripes. It was as if I had nothing of urgency on my plate whatsoever. Which, of course I didn’t. This GMO from Cannabiotix can really help put your mental gears in neutral and not take the small things for granted.

My lingering ankle injury did not even register.

Once fully engulfed in the full-blown indica vibes, it was as if I was trying to walk under water. I felt physically slow, but I could also feel no pain. My lingering ankle injury did not even register, and the stomach discomfort I had been feeling from the many street tacos I previously consumed was gone. I was just a floating orb of bright ideas with a very slow reaction time.

I would not smoke this expecting to get a lot done. While I enjoyed this towards the tail end of an afternoon, it is not what I would call an ideal day high. The way it helps you wind down and relax is something maybe best saved for the night. Specifically those nights where you find yourself restless and anxious.

Once I got home, I lost myself within the bowels of my sofa. I went from watching Dateline to playing Red Dead Redemption 2 on Xbox and finally the Apple TV screensavers. Not a forklift, a giant ape, or the jaws of life could have pried me from my reclined position. It was only the promise of sleep that got me up, and then only into bed. I fell asleep almost immediately. It would be the understatement of the year to say that this flower is a good sleep aid. If Batman ever runs out of chloroform, he could simply shotgun some of this GMO to all those he would like to secretly allow in his Batcave. This high is all depth, no speed. And for pain sufferers and neurotics, that is good news. So grab an eighth, and enjoy a potent high that’s classic indica from head to toe.

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About Cannabiotix (CBX)

Cannabiotix (CBX) has a deep history in the cannabis industry, and they honor it every day. They collect rare heirloom genetics and breed award-winning strains with one-of-a-kind cannabinoid and terpene profiles found nowhere else in the game. Their commitment to trichome preservation is rooted in the past, and they continue to deliver the same quality product as when they first started. With a focus on preserving the best aspects of the cannabis industry to push the community forward, CBX is boldly redefining the weed world one glistening, resin-rich bud at a time.