Peanut Butter Cup


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22.80% THC
Nutty, Earthy

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Expert Review

Take Charge of Your Chill with Clout King

Review by Madeline Blue

Jun 09, 2020 · 6 min read

This Peanut Butter Cup will heighten your sensibilities.

IN REVIEW: Want to stimulate your senses while settling your mind? This blend of Mendobreath and Do-Si-Dos won’t necessarily get you dancing, but it promises to keep you centered in challenging social situations. It’s an empowering treat as sweet as peanut butter--even if you’re alone at home, keeping yourself busy, or relaxing after a stressful day. 

My place to myself...finally. While the boyfriend is away, Madeline gets to play. And nothing gets me going like the thought of peanut butter, even if it’s in flower form. So I got out this Peanut Butter Cup flower by Clout King and readied myself for the sweet experience to come. This strain is a blend of Mendobreath and Do-Si-Dos, with the latter being the first weed I tried through Proper. That weed absolutely blew my mind, and probably provided my favorite high of all time. It was intense and truly euphoric, so needless to say if that half of this high was involved, there was no way it could be all bad.

It was a Friday night and the only thing on my slate was a HouseParty (on the app), so I figured there couldn’t be a better time to romp in happy, peanut butter feelings. At 22.8% THC, this blend also promised to be strong. So I started rolling up my trusted fatty cone (YouTube tutorial pending) to get jiggy wit’ it before the group call. I was also setting up my new iPhone, so I was hoping for just enough brain capacity to get it all done and be on time for our virtual gathering.