Blackberry Cream


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32.8% THC, 0.07% CBD
Berries, Cream

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Expert Review

A Conceptual High

Review by Luca Belloiu

Sep 28, 2022 · 4 min read

Concept’s Blackberry Cream flower delivers a deep and soothing high great for unwinding and introspection.

IN REVIEW: Blackberry Cream is an indoor-grown, indica-leaning hybrid from Concept that tests at 32.8% THC. A combination of Blackberry Kush and Cookies and Cream flowers, this is a heavy smoke that is both earthy and sweet with notes of berry and vanilla. It’s a great choice for both sleeplessness and chronic pain, making it a great flower to light up after a long day, or a couch-lock companion to see you through a lazy weekend.

This is a deliciously rich-tasting flower that is about as good a stress reliever as one will find. Whatever negative emotion I had been harboring previous to me sampling Concept’s Blackberry Cream flower had simply vanished. In its place was this giant void of possibility, and from that I was able to go pretty deep within myself. What resulted was ultimately a very introspective and calming experience. In fact, it was so calming that I found myself couch-locked for a good two hours.

 I would certainly recommend this for chronic pain sufferers. 

Normally I find myself to be pretty active when I’m high, but this Blackberry Cream flower was a true-blue indica that insisted I retreat to the comfort of my sofa and play some Red Dead Redemption 2 on the ol’ Xbox One. I was quite okay with this arrangement too. Having just returned from a long run and still nursing a shoulder injury, I really just wanted something to aid in my recovery and help me relax. As an analgesic, this worked wonders. My shoulder pain subsided, and my legs felt like they were being propped up by two giant cloud pillows.

It’s worth noting that the head high could be intense at times. I found this buzz centralized around my temples and it really gave off that headband-like effect. At times I felt like my head was a bowling ball while my body remained airy and tension free, and in that way it felt similar to a hash high. At 32.8% you are all but promised an intense experience, so I would certainly recommend this for chronic pain sufferers. Besides it being a good way to treat athletic injuries, I also found that it tempered my upset stomach.

Above all, it’s a great way to explore the inner recesses of your mind. I found myself going down countless thought tunnels and brain wormholes. The experience can easily get away from you, leading down some avenues that were perhaps long buried. Not that this elicited any sort of anxiety or paranoia. For the most part this was side-effect free, maybe with the exception of some weapons-grade munchies, but that is always welcome when I have DoorDash at my fingertips.

Allowing this flower to do its thing can really bring forth some worthwhile introspection, and maybe even help you deal with past traumas. In this sense, I found this indica high to be invaluable as both a mind and body medicine that goes beyond a simple chill session. Make no mistake about it, however, if it’s just a chill sesh you are after, you will get it here.

I found this high to be invaluable as both a mind and body medicine.

This isn’t the sort of bud you smoke when you have a busy schedule. It has sedating qualities that will most likely keep you in a state of non compliance when it comes to getting stuff done. It's the sort of flower I would smoke again when I want nothing but rest and relaxation, and perhaps a little transcendental meditation.

When under the effects of this flower, one is likely to shed past grievances and petty annoyances and simply bask in a hazy headmist of comfort. It’s ideal as a post-workout recovery smoke, a pain reliever, appetite enhancer, and finally as a sleep aid. Perhaps even in that order. My second session with the Blackberry Cream put me out in about 10 minutes flat, and I woke up feeling fully refreshed. Which is to say, this flower from Concept will take you as deep as you allow it to.