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Connected Cannabis Co. El Jefe


Ranked 75 of 333 in Flower for feeling Euphoric.

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Ranked 75 of 333 in Flower for feeling Euphoric.

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El Jefe
Product Information

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22% THC

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Fire OG, Gelato

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El Jefe Shows You The Way To A Stressless Day

While this may not be an everyday bud, the relief it provides makes it worth keeping around.

IN REVIEW: “El Jefe” means “The Boss,” and this strain certainly sets your schedule for the rest of the day. This is more for the serious stoner, as 22% THC is bolstered by a hefty terpene profile ready to take you on a ride. Some jitters could come in at the onset, but the more you give in, the more enriching the experience will become. Expect an introspective and euphoric high that offers positive vibes as you take time to reflect. 

This is one of those strains where its name tells the tale. “El Jefe” is a hybrid from Connected Cannabis Co. that instantly takes control of you. It also takes you on a turbulent and deeply insightful ride like you’re Lois Lane on Superman’s back. You get a four-star tour of the cityscapes and grass valleys that populate your own mind.

Once I was able to reign in this high and tap into its full potential, my inner mainframe started to light up. 

This strain comes in at a respectable 22% THC, but for me, it felt much more powerful. I knew almost instantly that this was not to be trifled with. Supremely long-lasting with a potency that made it among the most memorable flowers I’ve had the pleasure of trying. These are times of great stress, so I was fortunate that this bud reached me at just the right time. I can say one thing for certain, whatever I was worried about prior to inhaling “El Jefe” was no longer there only minutes later. Anything I was stewing over had become “unstewed.” I was now free to roam the inner recesses of my mind, which turned out to be a ride in and of itself.

But while my stress had vanished, a sense of unease started to show itself in the form of some early-onset jitters. There were moments that felt like I didn’t know what I was getting myself into with this bud. Though like all worthwhile journeys, the more difficult they are the more rewarding they end, and a clearing was on the horizon. But first I had to get a grip on this high.

I decided to take the dog out for a walk to connect myself with nature on what was a particularly beautiful day. That turned out to be the right move. I lost myself in the surroundings and just let my dog pull me to wherever his little heart desired. I was merely a passenger. In this sense “El Jefe” was truly the boss of me. Not the tyrannical sort of boss mind you, but more like the benevolent leader type. The kind of boss that puts a loving arm around your shoulder and shows you the lay of the land. The kind of boss that sees goodness in you and inspires you to do better—and maybe even lets you drive the company car.

Once I was able to reign in this high and tap into its full potential, my inner mainframe started to light up. As I continued to walk, a swell of joy started to build where a few moments ago there was only anxiety and fear. I put on my 90’s playlist to transport me to simpler times, and before I knew it I was moving my hips and shuffling my feet to the beat of the music. I didn’t care who witnessed it either. The clouds had parted, and the euphoria of this strain had freed me to an exciting degree. By the time I reached the top of a nearby hill I had covered a good portion of the Blues Traveler back catalog and was entrenched in some Aaliyah.

I was still incredibly high and looked over my shoulder to see if three other horsemen were about to join her for the full apocalypse. 

As I was losing myself in this all-encompassing high, I suddenly came across a lady and her horse (I live near a horse area. I grandly refer to it as “horse country” even though there is a Chevron two block away). This stern-looking equestrian and her steed galloped alongside me for a few seconds, and for a brief shining moment, I imagined that I was being visited by an apparition. When I turned to say good morning, the sun was reflecting off her polo helmet and temporarily blinded me. She and her horse simply nodded and went on their way. I was still incredibly high and looked over my shoulder to see if three other horsemen were about to join her for the full apocalypse. Such are the days we live in.

Returning home, I sought to mellow myself out a bit, so I relaxed on the outside patio for a good long while. This high instilled me with (what I found to be) profound insights. I could even say that I had a moment of clarity or two. The benefits I ultimately gained from this flower had been well worth the trip of initial anxiety.

This is the sort of strain I would use for special occasions. The equivalent of walking down to your wine cellar and dusting off a bottle of old Burgundy that you know you’ll appreciate. Just make sure you carve out some time where you can give this bud the attention it deserves. After all, it’s the boss.

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August 6th, 2020
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