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Fun Uncle Backseat Jack weed in a dish


Ranked 159 of 399 in Flower for feeling Euphoric.

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Ranked 159 of 399 in Flower for feeling Euphoric.

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Backseat Jack
Product Information

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23.12% THC

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Jack Herer, Black Domina

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Let Backseat Jack Take The Wheel

This flower provides a vacation in your mind, and nowadays that’s hard to find.

IN REVIEW: Backseat Jack is a sativa-dominant hybrid that has 23.12% THC and is sure to get you energized and fully dialed in. It’s a great daytime choice and solid option for those of you with a high tolerance, meaning it's truly potentso those new to consuming cannabis should start slow and be ready for a burst of euphoria. Expect uplifting, anxiety-killing effects and an opportunity to escape from everyday life. 

Caliva’s Fun Uncle branded Backseat Jack is a powerful flower that had me reeling at first, but once I tapped into the uniquely euphoric high I was handsomely rewarded. This herb has a distinct piney smell that hits smoothly and leaves a pleasant aftertaste. The high was strong and came on quickly, not unlike the mythical jumping lynx of the northern Himalayas.

It wasn’t clear if my couch had been secretly roped to a hot air balloon and set adrift over the English countryside.

I ripped a good-sized bong pack worth of this flower, and I was soon hit by a wave of the “holy shits” and some low-grade jitters. Thankfully, I was able to channel the ghost of Deepak Chopra and center myself in such a way that I didn’t ruin this buzz with nonsensical thought patterns. Every now and then you can plunge to the center of a high with some good old fashioned deep breathing, and this Backseat Jack seemed well suited for it.

Getting quiet and letting the experience wash over me left me feeling like the bottom half of my body was away on shore leave, and as a result, it wasn’t clear if my couch had been secretly roped to a hot air balloon and set adrift over the English countryside. Much like you witnessed in the classic film Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. I wanted to wave to townsfolk and assure them I was on my way towards a very important task, and as a further sign of benevolence, I would take heaping armfuls of candy and shower the land in sweets. Butterscotches, Jolly Ranchers, licorices, sour whatevers, you name it, and every time I threw out candy the load inside the hot air balloon couch would get lighter and I would get higher and higher until I would have a luncheon on Mars.

When I made the mistake of opening my eyes, I was still unfortunately moored to my living room couch. I had not been this high off a sativa in a good long while. What followed were some really profound insights that only come along every now and then. For me, that’s the truest sign of a worthwhile and beneficial high. These are little mental diamond nuggets that are only found deep within, and surrounded by, pressure. In that sense, this flower is no different than a mining cart with greased wheels. You just have to trust that it will get you there in one piece.

It has all the fun and carefree nature of an illicit ride in a WWII era sidecar, and the deep affecting quality of a Tony Robbins seminar.

On my second session with this hybrid, I had less than a bowl’s worth, which seemed to be the right level for me as far as getting stuff done and interacting with other humans in a way where they don’t want to call the Space Force on me. Caution should always be practiced, and sometimes you just learn through trial and error.

This bud is a euphoric powerhouse that opened up my mental horizons and gave me a lot of food for thought. If you’re stressed or looking for answers, Backseat Jack is worth seeking out. It’s the sort of strain that takes great pains to pull the joy out of you. You just have to let it sift through all the noise first.

Fun Uncle (I really hope people just start calling it “Funcle”) comes through in big ways with this Jack Herer x Black Domina love child that takes all the best qualities of its lineage and supercharges them into a deeply insightful and thrilling high. It has all the fun and carefree nature of an illicit ride in a WWII era sidecar, and the deep affecting quality of a Tony Robbins seminar.

This isn’t the sort of Fun Uncle that just got paroled and says he’ll be by sometime this weekend to take the kids out for ice cream and tattoos, but just winds up boosting a car for a “job” in Reno instead. This is a Fun Uncle that delivers. You get the ice cream, the tattoos, the donuts in the parking lot, and as an added bonus he’s never on his phone once or honks his horn at pretty ladies. You get the whole megillah, and it promises to be a memorable one. It was for me.

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April 12th, 2021
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