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Garcia Hand Picked Cookie Kush OG


Ranked 1 of 102 in Flowers for feeling Focused.

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Ranked 1 of 102 in Flowers for feeling Focused.

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Cookie Kush OG
Product Information

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29.62% THC, 0.11% CBD

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Sun Grown


The Cookie Kush Couch Lock

This fresh flower from Garcia Hand Picked is an excellent daytime high that soothes and inspires.

In Review: Cookie Kush OG is an indica flower from Garcia Hand Picked born of a cross between Animal Mints and Bubba Kush. Coming in at 29.62% THC, each fresh-tasting hit delivers a powerful blend of euphoria and relaxation perfect for kicking back and unwinding after a long day. Which means it’s just as solid for canceling your plans on the weekend for a relaxing, couch-locked movie marathon. But have your favorite snacks at the ready, as this fresh and potent flower offers up a bout of the munchies few can resist.

My first impression of this Cookie Kush flower was how damn fresh it both looked and smelled. Whoever this Garcia is who is hand picking these flowers—they sure picked a good one for me. The subtle sweetness and minty profile continued to sing on my palette for some time. It was a real pleasure to smoke. Then the high kicked in, and that was on a different level entirely. It’s like wading into an ethereal stream of euphoric quicksand, and it relaxed me to the bone.

This was the perfect lazy Sunday afternoon high.

This was the perfect lazy Sunday afternoon high. Something you can kick way back with. I can almost never sit through an entire Formula One race on TV, but I sure did this day. I felt like an excavator dug a large well of a hole into my sofa before a construction crane lowered me deep within its icy bowels. The sofa and I had become one, like a shabbily upholstered centaur. Safely couch locked, I watched the entire televised race as almost a study in meditation.

I was totally entranced by it. All could have burned around me and I would have been no closer to leaving my cozy place. Though the idea of food slowly began to creep into my head, and soon I couldn’t think of anything else. So needless to say, if you’re having trouble building up an appetite, this could lay that to waste. Let’s just say I ordered a lot of Italian food and then I walked to Ralph’s later for a large slice of Fudge Cake. Even my dog looked at me and was like, “You seem to be over doing it now.” I hadn’t had a case of munchies like that in awhile.

I was so struck by the flavor of the Kush Cookies that later in the night I slid the bong aside and went with a joint instead. Sitting outside as the sun set, each pull was smooth and sweet, and I could feel the tension leaving my feet. This delivers a pure high that just turns your body into soup, and allows your mind to meld with the moment. 

As an analgesic, this high also works wonders. Whether it’s a bum shoulder I was nursing or an upset stomach from all the cake I ate, a half-gram joint of this potent Cookie Kush was more than enough to set me back on a path of tranquility and calm.

This flower can put to bed whatever gnawing and obsessive thought you may be harboring.

I should also note that it’s amazing how quickly this flower can put to bed whatever gnawing and obsessive thought you may be harboring. So often we are darting around from one task to another, and this high really does pump the brakes on that. In other words, if you feel like huffing a sleeve of Pepperidge Farm Cookies while indulging in a Cold Case Files binge instead of breaking your back working, then this bud should be a willing accomplice. Basically what I’m saying is I probably wouldn’t smoke this right before doing an Ironman.

Most people will come to a strong indica for a bit of rest and relaxation, and you get both of those things in droves with this Garcia hand-picked flower. Even those with a higher tolerance should experience a palpable shift in their state of mind. When this Kush Cookie high was at its apex, there were moments where I could close my eyes and see geometric shapes morphing into what only could be described as tapestries of art. Like a low watt mandala twisting in the kaleidoscope of the mind. 

However fleeting these moments were, it reminded me of what it is when we talk about euphoria. It’s like a state of awe that I found myself reveling in, time and time again. Eventually, this blissful high silently slipped into the way of the sleeping. I could not pinpoint to you the exact moment I fell asleep, but I do know that it was an effortless enterprise. Making the end of the high just as top notch of a choice for those who just want to check out for a bit as the beginning.

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August 7th, 2022
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