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Henry's Original Afgooey


Ranked 57 of 313 in Flower for feeling Euphoric.

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As our committee rates Afgooey, we capture their experience in real time through our ratings app and report everything back here.

The info below is based on at least three sessions completed by Proper Cannabis Committee members.

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Ranked 57 of 313 in Flower for feeling Euphoric.

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Product Information

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20% THC

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Afghani Indica, Maui Haze

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This Strain Makes You Gooey AF

Good afternoon, good evening and goodnight with this Henry’s Original

IN REVIEW: If you’re craving sheer bliss in the form of classic flower, Afgooey will get you there. This strain is best for rounding out a long day, and you’ll find an almost guaranteed mood boost and relief from aches and pains as you check out. Grab this for a solid substitute for booze, and know that this Henry’s Original rides the line of offering just enough awareness to keep you nodding through the motions before bed.

I won my Quarantine Fitness Competition this week! Well, the week I wrote this. Our virtual awards ceremony involved seeing a handful of warm, friendly faces, and I expected us all to “hang out” for at least a few hours. Abruptly though, after just an hour, everyone said they had to go. I felt that post-event drop in my gut, and all I wanted to do was keep the party going.

Still in beast mode (with eating, that is), my boyfriend and I decided to hunker down after my e-ceremony with some delicious stir fry bowls from a local restaurant, Organico. Each delivery comes with a delicious Gummy Bear packet, and yes that is the real reason I love ordering their food. In preparation for my favorite treat, I shuffled through my bag of samples and came across this Afghani Indica and Maui Haze blend that was appropriately named “Afgooey.” Mix the letters a bit and add an “f” and that’s how I felt, goofy AF.

 My mind went from 0 to 60, but the takeoff was smooth and I didn’t feel like I was on an inescapable rollercoaster. 

The smell of this flower was exceptional! With an earthy twinge and a hint of fruit, this strain came across like an upscale gin cocktail with hints of mint, grapefruit, and pine. At 20% THC to boot, I knew it would get the job done. The taste of the joint I filled with this supreme weed was slightly less swoon-worthy, but I still had a sense of a trip through the winter woods.

I knew within minutes that this weed was the good stuff. I was soaring, and my chosen snack tasted like a carnival of sweet and bursting flavors (yes it was the gummy bears). My mind went from 0 to 60, but the takeoff was smooth and I didn’t feel like I was on an inescapable rollercoaster. I was just enjoying the pleasure of the present and embracing my goofy truths.

But the munchies came harder. It was the type that only grew hungrier the more it was fed. I suppose that can be the blessing and the curse of pleasure-seeking, sometimes the scales tip and we overindulge. I was done with my stir fry bowl and could probably have housed another, and I’d already had a half pint of the Coconut Bliss ice cream I’d ordered. Oh well, I just won a competition and this strain had me feeling on top of the world. I figured I could always work out tomorrow.

Time was flying by, and the notes I was trying to record concerning my experience were vanishing into thin air. I was delighted as my boyfriend and I watched Cesar Millan (the Dog Whisperer) videos, barely aware of the passing time. I honestly couldn’t possibly tell you how many episodes we watched. While totally engrossed I thankfully didn’t forget certain responsibilities, like getting into PJs or brushing my teeth.

The intoxicating effects of this strain make it a great alternative to alcohol, and it just became my number one pick for red-eye flights. 

I was in the bathroom when all of a sudden evening felt like one big whiteout—I knew where I was, but one frame moved to another in a weird sort of focus. I began to operate on what felt like a very advanced autopilot.

Each note on my experience disappeared as I typed it. Whoops. At least they were recorded for me to revisit the next day. And then suddenly, it was morning. I didn’t remember going to sleep and I could barely remember the evening prior. I’m sure that’s because not much actually happened, but it was also due to the fact that I really stayed on two simple planes throughout this high: one functioning normally in the real world, and the other zoned out in nowhere-land while the body buzz did its thang.

The intoxicating effects of this strain make it a great alternative to alcohol, and it just became my number one pick for red-eye flights. I like the idea of enduring a long ride to somewhere new while feeling totally blitzed, but without getting trippy. The trade off? This weed left me goofily groggy all the way into the following evening. Say what you want about indica versus sativa designations, but Afgooey puts you in that expected sleep state. When you’re awake, you may not remember much, but you’ll certainly have a pretty stellar time doing absolutely nothing.

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