Peach Mintz


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35.87% THC

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Feeling Peachy Keen With Some High 90s Green

Review by Debbie Dykes

Apr 19, 2022 · 4 min read

Peach Mintz from High 90s is an even-keeled indica crafted for every cannabis consumer.

In Review: Anxiety, aches and pains are no match for this quality indica strain from High 90s. If you’re looking for something to help you maintain a high perfectly balanced between happiness and relaxation, pick up some Peach Mintz, pack a bowl and get ready to let the good times roll. Expect a complex, flavor-forward experience and smooth smoke to set you on a path towards calm waters, and an indica-leaning high that won’t ever bog you down. To the contrary, as many note a creative spark perfect for any extracurricular activity. 

We all smoke for different reasons. Some for fun. Others for a sense of calm, physical relaxation, or pain relief. And while I use cannabis for all of the above, I primarily smoke to help control chronic anxiety. The strains I often select calm the racing thoughts in my head and allow my muscles to relax. 

The only downside is that I often become rooted to my comfy couch after indulging, and then that’s it for the night. Netflix and chill, as they say. The problem is that I have things to do at night, and it's hard for me to go to sleep when there are dishes in the sink.

But hey, I’m always willing to try something new, so I grabbed a bag of High 90’s Peach Mintz flower to see what it could do. First, I was surprised by the smell when I opened the bag. It smelled earthy like an indica, but also bright and fruity like sativa. I did get a little whiff of peach mixed with a cool blast of mint. Fresh is the best way I can describe it. Fresh and clean. 

Fresh is the best way I can describe it. Fresh and clean. 

The bright green, and I mean bright green, buds were dense, fresh, and fantastic in every way. I know a gram is a gram is a gram, and these are all pre-packaged, but these buds looked high quality and probably worth more than the price would suggest. Generous green gorgeousness in a bright orange bag.

So far, so good. I picked out a couple of nugs and ground them up. Again, with that fresh fruity and citrus smell. Grapefruit? Maybe orange? No, definitely peach. Not cooked-in-a-pie peach, but the taste you get when you bite into that fresh one you can only find at a farmer's market. Rolled, twisted, and clipped, I took my first inhale. It tasted like it smelled, if you know what I mean. 

Clean and smooth, with a cool peach finish. That's it. It reminded me of a Peach Schnapps shot right out of the freezer. Fresh, cold, and fruity. Which is coincidentally the only way to get me on a ski lift for a ride up the mountain.

Second drag, and I inhaled more deeply. The smoke went down easy, and I didn’t feel like coughing. I'm still an amateur, so I tend to take throat-searing hits when I'm not paying attention. A few coughs and a glass of water later, and I'm fine. Another, and another, and soon I realized that I had this absurdly goofy grin on my face for no apparent reason. 

My anxiety floated away, and suddenly I knew that I needed a taco. And I didn't just brush it off and grab some uninspiring leftovers from the fridge. I marched into the kitchen and made myself a taco, which by the way, deserved five-stars. My food was extra delicious. My iced tea was extra refreshing. And all was right with the world.

The overall sense of well-being lasted for quite some time.

This overall sense of well-being lasted for quite some time, as a matter of fact. For two to three hours, I relaxed and laughed a little too loudly about things that may or may not have been that funny. My ordinarily stoic wife even got the giggles while watching videos. 

And you know what happens when one person gets the giggles? Everyone laughs like middle school girls for what seemed like five minutes straight before promptly forgetting what made anyone laugh in the first place. The one thing I expected to happen didn't. Couch lock. I felt clear-headed, focused, and completely confident, pontificating about things I know little about.

I’d describe the high as a relaxing, long-lasting head high that doesn’t make you feel impaired. Of course, I would never imbibe and drive. I feel very strongly about that. But I would happily smoke some High 90’s Peach Mints before summoning my ride share. It banished my anxiety so I could enjoy an evening out with my friends. 

I don’t drink because I don’t like the calories, brain fog, or loss of control. Peach Mints helps me relax without feeling drowsy or impaired. A little goes a long way, allowing me to relax and have fun without losing energy or any of my creative edge. So thank you, High 90s for Peach Mintz. It’s a new personal favorite I will reach for, and recommend, often.