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23.38% THC
Sweet, Sour

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Some people find littles better for dosing out their buys over a period of time, and you’re usually getting the same effects as bigger buds for a lesser price, so what do you have to lose? These sativa littles offer a social and upbeat high that’s heavier in the head than body. The effects are pretty straightforward and uplifting without leaving you groggy on the comedown. Expect to feel floaty and happy, but not too productive.

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Expert Review

These Littles Go A Long Way

Review by Samantha Jane Gurewitz

May 20, 2020 · 4 min read

Sativa flower from Littles proves good things come in small packages

IN REVIEW: These popcorn nugs offer an easygoing high that will help you sail through the day. The effects also won't bog you down, making them a great companion when working from home. Their 23.38% THC will make for a pretty solid, but light head high that will make you more amiable in any social situation.

It was a grey Saturday in L.A., one where all I wanted to do is curl up and get cozy at home. Even though it was the weekend, I still had a desire to get some work done. After all, everyone knows regular time doesn’t matter anymore in our new, coronavirus-quarantined world. As a writer and performer, I’ve had a fairly unpredictable schedule for a while, but now that most of my creative jobs have shut down, my sense of time has become pure and utter chaos. Days somehow drag by so slowly, yet weeks fly by in an instant. Now all time seems to bend like it does when I’m stoned; like when you think you’ve been in line at a store for an hour, but really it’s only been 10 minutes. Or when you think you’ve been plucking all the odd hairs on your face for two minutes, but then you check the clock and it’s somehow 30 minutes later.