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Littles Sativa


Ranked 66 of 296 in Flower for feeling Euphoric.

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As our committee rates Sativa, we capture their experience in real time through our ratings app and report everything back here.

The info below is based on at least three sessions completed by Proper Cannabis Committee members.

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Ranked 66 of 296 in Flower for feeling Euphoric.

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Before the committee gets their hands on the product and formally rates it, the Proper team scrapes the product packaging, scours the internet, and occasionally calls the brand directly to hunt down the most accurate information about each product.


23.38% THC

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These Littles Go A Long Way

Sativa flower from Littles proves good things come in small packages

IN REVIEW: These popcorn nugs offer an easygoing high that will help you sail through the day. The effects also won't bog you down, making them a great companion when working from home. Their 23.38% THC will make for a pretty solid, but light head high that will make you more amiable in any social situation.

It was a grey Saturday in L.A., one where all I wanted to do is curl up and get cozy at home. Even though it was the weekend, I still had a desire to get some work done. After all, everyone knows regular time doesn’t matter anymore in our new, coronavirus-quarantined world. As a writer and performer, I’ve had a fairly unpredictable schedule for a while, but now that most of my creative jobs have shut down, my sense of time has become pure and utter chaos. Days somehow drag by so slowly, yet weeks fly by in an instant. Now all time seems to bend like it does when I’m stoned; like when you think you’ve been in line at a store for an hour, but really it’s only been 10 minutes. Or when you think you’ve been plucking all the odd hairs on your face for two minutes, but then you check the clock and it’s somehow 30 minutes later.

It felt almost like a light breeze that suddenly grew and filled my sails, pushing me across a sea of gentle waves.

I was watching a Netflix documentary about cannabis when I not-so-surprisingly got the urge to smoke. After almost an hour of seeing everything from Snoop Dogg to tattoos of cartoon rabbits toking on big fat blunts, I wanted to savor some flower of my own. Since I was planning on hopefully being productive, I opted for a Sativa from Littles. The name is fitting, because the small nugs are almost like little individual portions. One piece was a perfect fit for my “free gift from a dispensary” pipe’s small bowl. Of course, I still want a big high even when the nugs are small, and these deliver. With a potency of 23.38 percent THC, a Little does go a long way.

The smell was nice and sweet, with that light citrusy note most good sativas have. The smoke was very smooth, and didn’t make me cough at all. It was a nice chill puff, like that first drink after work at 5 p.m.—or whenever, because like I said, time doesn’t seem to matter anymore.

The euphoria crept up on me. It felt almost like a light breeze that suddenly grew and filled my sails, pushing me across a sea of gentle waves. It was gently lifting me up and letting me float back down to sea level. OK, so maybe that isn’t the best metaphor, but it is proof of how very stoned I was when I wrote it to describe how I was feeling. About 45 minutes later, the high was waning slightly. I was still too stoned to be productive though, despite also being very wired on energy drinks. I felt like I wanted to do things, but was too fuzzy-headed to decide what.

The bass was bumping and the knobs on my senses were turned up to an 11.

The sounds outside my window felt more visceral and weren’t helping. I could feel them in my body, the bass was bumping and the knobs on my senses were turned up to an 11. I kept starting projects, like organizing a pile of old papers, but I’d get lost on tangents. Like finding an old photo and needing to Instagram it immediately. Then after trying 19 different filters, I would finally realize I had just been on my phone not accomplishing anything.

An hour and a half into the high, I felt much more grounded. I turned back to the documentary again, but I started feeling distracted and restless. I felt like I might finally have to get up and finish sorting that stack of papers still spread out all over my bed.

Soon the documentary ended and I got up to cook myself some eggs. As I sat down to eat, it hit me that I was no longer stoned. The buoyancy and euphoria had worn off and I missed it already. The single-serving little nug had an intense high that had peaked after 30 minutes and lasted about three hours. I considered going back for seconds. The pile of papers was still not sorted, but hey, it was the weekend after all.

This Sativa was a nice treat, enough to get a decent high, but not so much as to knock you out. It’s kind of like those tiny sample cups of hot chocolate or apple cider you’d get at a farmers’ market or fair on a cold grey day. Just enough to satisfy and warm you up without giving you a sugar overdose. These Littles nugs are perfect individual doses of flower, like coffee pods, but better for the environment. And just like a cup of coffee, they’re the perfect companions to some light, creative work at home, whether you actually get it done or not.

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