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LoLo Do-Si-Lo Flower with Packaging


Ranked 24 of 229 in Flower for feeling Relaxed.

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Ranked 24 of 229 in Flower for feeling Relaxed.

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21.96% THC, 0.07% CBD

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Do-Si-Lo Helps You Go With The Flow

This potent flower from LoLo will take you on a magic carpet ride.

IN REVIEW: Do-Si-Do is a popular indica strain known for relief from pain and anxiety. The results often make for a great social high, as anything that may have been bothering you or keeping you at home is instantly washed away. While LoLo's own Do-Si-Lo variety at 20.96% THC and .07% CBD is not crazy high, the terpene profile proves to add a noticeable kick in the form of waves of relaxation and euphoria. Productivity will grind to a halt, but you’ll be on a cloud, too happy to care. 

The late dawn sun beamed hot through the blindless A-frame windows of my friend’s parent’s guest house. My eyes sprung open, heart racing from the abrupt interruption to my very strange, not exactly good dream. I shot out of bed, high on the adrenaline that courses through your body the morning after a night of heavy drinking, fooling you into thinking you’re not hungover when you’re actually not just hungover yet. I raged around the guest house doing nothing in particular for about an hour before I started to feel queasy. Then, inevitably, it hit and it hit hard. Cold sweats. Vertigo. Headache. Hungover.

I scurried to my tote full of weed products and pulled out the anonymous black baggie I was supposed to review that week. One emergency bong hit later, I floated out of the sucky cage of post-drunk sickness, and into a pastel world of whimsy where nothing mattered because I was very stoned. For the rest of the morning, the world revealed itself to me in metaphors, each an isolated moment of beauty.

I floated out of the sucky cage of post-drunk sickness, and into a pastel world of whimsy where nothing mattered because I was very stoned.

Because I write about weed for a living, I smoke a lot of it. It’s rare that a strain is capable of really transporting you to a new place that makes you see the world around you differently. LoLo's Indica Do-Si-Lo Flower does just that.

Prior to this review, I’d never heard of the brand LoLo. According to their stripped-down yet well-designed website, they’re a NorCal brand focused on offering sourced (i.e. not grown by them) flower, vapes, and edibles at low prices without sacrificing quality. Literally the definition of a white label brand, their marketing centers around simply branded flower, concentrates, vapes, and gummies in nondescript white packaging. The delivery is simple, sleek, and definitely has a market for people who just want to get high, and don’t care about the silly verbiage and ornate packaging that many times constitute nothing more than bullshit fluff marketing anyway. This particular strain, Do-Si-Lo, is an indica and comes in at 21.96%THC, and .07% CBD.

Now firmly planted on my cloud, free from sickness and feeling more than a little bit psychedelic, I hitched a ride home with my friend an hour and a half from the weekend getaway guest house I woke up in.

We decided to take our time on the backroad through an agricultural landscape that wound its way to LA. Before the drive, I took some more bong rips of this flower and spent a minute looking at the weed itself. The nugs were frosty and evergreen, punctuated by tendrils of vibrant orange. Earthy, sweet, and floral, the smell was super nostalgic, putting me at ease with each whiff. While not overly flavorful, the high hits so fast you don’t even think about it.

The mellow, subtly psychedelic high made me feel buoyant and at peace, as if floating on a warm lazy river through a field of flowers.

The drive home was a magic carpet ride of sensory delights. Farm stands, golden fields dotted with black cows and orchards that rolled up the mountains all disappeared into the morning fog clinging to the peaks that separated valleys from the coastline. We stopped many times, once to buy four homegrown passion fruit for $1, another to take a photo of a field of sunflowers where one stood in the center six feet taller than the rest. Then once again to take a photo of a wild artichoke patch with electric purple flowers. The mellow, subtly psychedelic high made me feel buoyant and at peace, as if floating on a warm lazy river through a field of flowers.

Unfortunately, that magic carpet ride came to a screeching halt when I arrived home to the reality of Monday’s deadlines that I’d been putting off over the weekend. These particular articles that’d been assigned were not something I was exactly looking forward to writing.

A couple hours in, I hadn’t knocked out anything I was supposed to have done, instead losing myself in a passion project that was fun to work on. No matter how hard I tried to focus on the boring tasks at hand, the whimsical powers of this strain would not let me do anything I didn’t want to do. I decided to scrap the failed attempt, have fun for the rest of the afternoon, and wake up early the next day—once safely clear of this delightful haze.

This is a wonderful flower to experience the world in a new way, and it's great for creativity and reminding yourself of the subtle beauty all around us. It’s perfect for road trips, nature adventures, and pretty much everything else. That is, besides participating in capitalism or answering to your boss. 

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August 6th, 2020
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