All Times - Half Ounce


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21.44% THC, 0.15% CBD
Pine, Spices

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Expert Review

Miss Grass All Times Is Truly Sublime

Review by Amber Patrick

Aug 12, 2021 · 4 min read

This women-owned cannabis brand delivers a high that’ll leave you light as a feather.

IN REVIEW: Miss Grass’s streamlined selection of premium flower products makes it incredibly easy to find your high. With three fan-favorite formulas crafted to help you get high from breakfast to bed, you have all of the targeted firepower you need to stay lifted yet in control. Their All Times hybrid rides the line between energetic and relaxing, allowing you to enjoy a euphoric burst through whatever it is you have planned. And best of all, everything this women-owned brand puts out is approachable and affordably priced, making their products just as solid for the seasoned stoner as they are for your cannacurious friend.

As a mindful cannabis consumer, I’m always delighted to find a company that is run by women, people of color or members of the LGBTQIA+ community. And if you haven’t tried the brand Miss Grass yet, you should get on it. You can find their products in most adult-use markets and all over California, which is also where the owners hail from. And those crafting the sustainable products that Miss Grass puts out bring legitimate feminine energy and intention that’s evident in everything they do. Their goal has always been to de-stigmatize cannabis, and encourage the use of flower for self-care, as well as just to feel good. Are we down so far?

Yes, please!

I looked up at the evening sky and felt divinely inspired to journal my every thought. 

Miss Grass, like many brands, white-label their house strains. I was excited to later learn the “All Times” hybrid was originally cultivated from the balanced Blueberry Haze strain. It doesn’t smell like fruit, but it does smell sweet and inviting. Like grandma making baked goods, good.

And their sativa option, “Fast Times,” contained a relatively obscure Mango Bliss strain (a cross between Colombian Mangobiche and Vintage Afghani) that was uplifting and inviting. To round things off, their indica offering, “Quiet Times,” featured a Cherry Cookies strain (Cherry Pie x GSC) when I found myself sampling their fresh lineup.

So where did the All Times experience take me? Up, up, up!

I set out to have a calm, reflective evening and packed a fresh bowl of this Miss Grass All Times. The form of the flower was looser than most buds, but it definitely featured frosty white trichomes all over. Hello, Haze! Nice to see you again. In terms of first impressions, the sweet smell won me over. I took a few billowing hits of smoke and exhaled, watching the sunset in my backyard slowly paint Los Angeles in swatches of vibrant pink and orange.

I looked up at the evening sky and felt divinely inspired to journal my every thought. Creativity? Check. Euphoric tingles? Check. Turns out, all of the ingredients above are a fantastic mix for a serious life-changing high.

Ten minutes in, I did experience the typical dry mouth setting in. I was also suddenly aware of my growling stomach. I put down my “brilliant” downloads from the universe and enjoyed dinner. About thirty minutes after smoking, I started to lose track of time. Everything became very cozy. Be careful, if you smoke too much of this, it’ll be nap time in no time!

It's perfect for stargazing, reflecting, and creating, and just generally raising the vibe.

The high itself felt more mentally enjoyable than physically drugged. I witnessed my thoughts swirl around me, and I felt light. I felt tingles around my face. It was like being brushed with cosmic bubbles until I felt as light as a feather. It's perfect for stargazing, reflecting, and creating, and just generally raising the vibe. I found the experience to be pretty balanced between mental and physical, leaving me predominantly uplifted and creatively curious.

So, what’s All Times good for? For me it was treating stress, cultivating curiosity and possibly even doing away with a bout of writer’s block. It may shock you how long the experience lasts, as I enjoyed the high as it slowly tapered off hours after my last puff. Could a girl even ask for more?

Mircodosing this happy-go-lucky strain could certainly be inspiring, especially if you’re in a creative pickle. And if you’ve been looking for the kind of strain that’s perfect for surviving long lines at the DMV, this long-lasting flower will have you quickly forgetting about the long wait!

In conclusion, Miss Grass hails from a botanical farming background and insists on pesticide-free, sustainably grown soil, and excellent ingredients to produce terpene-rich, balanced strains for getting through All Times. Now let’s go make something!