Nigerian Lemon Fuel



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26.9% THC
Lemon, Diesel

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Expert Review

Sincere’s Nigerian Lemon Fuel Is A True High Test

Review by Luca Belloiu

May 20, 2020 · 4 min read

This aptly named bud will power you up on any lazy day

IN REVIEW: This flower is highly motivating and is out to prove that no to-do list is too long. At 26.9% THC and packing a robust terpene profile, effects kick in fast, so go slow to curb any early anxiety. Otherwise, enjoy the powerful path to pot fueled productivity.

Once, when I was vacationing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, I signed up for a horseback riding excursion to explore the nearby scenic mountains. The horse they chose for me was either drunk or angry, because in the first 15 minutes, I was jostled and slammed into all sorts of thickets. But when I finally managed to get a hold of this bucking bronco, I had an immensely pleasurable time. Smoking Nigerian Lemon Fuel by Sincere was a very similar experience.