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29.584% THC

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Expert Review

A Day Hike Full Of Critterz

Review by Luca Belloiu

Jan 07, 2022 · 4 min read

This heavenly hybrid from The Smoker’s Club will ease you body and embolden your mind.

IN REVIEW: Critterz from The Smoker’s Club is a 29.58% THC, sativa-dominant hybrid flower that offers an incredibly uplifting experience. It is euphoric, deeply relaxing, and nostalgia inducing for the sort of high that can leave you either laughing on a couch or looking for inspiration. Meaning that it is just as great for enjoying the outdoors as it is packing up your favorite piece to unwind after a long day. Just fire up this flower and find your way to a better day.

Critterz could not have entered my world at a more opportune moment, as I was looking for an energizing flower that could help power me through an early morning hike. This sativa leaning hybrid by The Smoker’s Club fit the bill, and then some. The smoke itself was earthy with notes of sweetness, and at 29.58% THC, one can expect a somewhat intense ride. What I got was an immensely pleasurable time warp into the deep recesses of my own mind. Something that added an extra layer of vibrancy and euphoria to my day.