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19.28% THC
Herbal, Pine

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Expert Review

Move Mountains With Alaska

Review by Luca Belloiu

Sep 04, 2020 · 4 min read

This sativa provides creative energy perfect for getting shit done and getting into nature.

In Review: Alaska is as memorable as your first visit to the wild and picturesque state itself. It’ll provide the amount of fuel necessary to set forth on the frontier, while also allowing for moments of gratitude, reflection and introspection. Take on that task you’ve been putting off and power through it with ease, or start something new and surprise yourself with how far you make it before planting the flag and calling it a day. 

Alaska by Tikun Olam sounds like a trendy frontier-themed restaurant located in the heart of Tel Aviv, but it’s in fact one of the most energetic sativa flowers I’ve had the pleasure of smoking. I didn’t quite know what to expect from a strain called Alaska. Maybe it would get me to start tracking elk or skin my own salmon and take up wolf wrangling as a part-time job. Only time would tell.

Or would it? One of the stranger experiences with this flower was my complete lack of a concept of time. I wasn’t sure if I was heading towards lunch or dinner or what. It was at once unsettling and totally engrossing. I soon became fully committed to tackling some household projects and crossing items off the ever-daunting to-do list.

The first thing I did was grab a kettlebell and log a high-paced workout lasting about 40 minutes. I was a man on the go, and Alaska unleashed my inner Energizer Rabbit. Then I took a shower that had me washing my hair twice because I couldn’t remember if I’d washed it the first time. This bud was clearly not interested in the past. I was either living for the moment, or holding a bottle of Pert Plus in a fugue state and wondering how I got there. I decided to forge ahead.

This sativa now holds the preeminent status of The Grand Energizer.

For the next four hours I decided to tackle the long delayed project of cleaning out my garage. The place was a wreck, but this buzz lit a fire under my ass and I was hellbent on organizing the bookshelves, holiday decorations and engaging in a massive cleanup operation that would require fortitude, patience and good old fashioned elbow grease. In my case, it also required Alaska by Tikun Olam.

After hour one, I cursed myself for doing that morning workout. This renovation project was more than strenuous all by itself. Where I’d sampled the Alaska via bong earlier, I then rolled a joint and smoked some more while I programmed my label maker. I was embarking on a categorization method of all my books. Fiction, non-fiction, self-help, new age, and travel. It was just busy work that made me ‘feel’ productive. This high acted as a snow plow. Whatever it was I felt dead set on accomplishing, this flower would clear a path for me.

With the help of my definitive playlist of 1990’s hip-hop and the Alaska flower, I entered a flow state where I could see the garage morph from a hillbilly nightmare into a finely curated library, tool depot, and makeshift gym. I was proud of what I’d accomplished, and I made a mental note to see a chiropractor, what with all the heavy lifting and bending over. I was properly spent.

This sativa now holds the preeminent status of The Grand Energizer. I just wish there’d been a representative from Tikun Olam present for my imaginary garage renovation ribbon cutting ceremony where I show my wife that I’m clearly good for something. I also considered building a breakable glass case that would read, “In Case of Lethargy Smoke This,” and centered on a small velvet pillow would be a fat nugget of Alaska.

This is easily my favorite strain named after a noncontiguous state.

As mentioned, this is the sort of strain you want as you embark on a project involving hard labor, a vigorous workout or something that will simply lift your spirits and get your day started on the right foot. It clocks in at 19.28% THC and contains a powerful bouquet of pine that makes smoking this reminiscent of a walk through the Christmas tree lot of your youth. It had the added benefit of putting my upset stomach at ease. I’d felt queasy earlier in the day due to suspect scallions, but this was a hardy strain, and like any true Alaskan it clamped down on my intestinal weakness and urged me to carry on, lest my cupboards be barren for the winter.

This is easily my favorite strain named after a noncontiguous state. It’s unique in the way it invigorates you and how it helps you chip away at the rock face of life. It’s as good a strain as any at allowing you to tap into “that zone” and do away with all notions of cannabis being solely for the lazy or uninitiated.