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Union Electric Pai Gow #9 14g Ready to Roll


Ranked 76 of 486 in Flowers for feeling Euphoric.
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Ranked 76 of 486 in Flowers for feeling Euphoric.

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Pai Gow #9 14g Ready to Roll
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20.45% THC

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Pai Gow For The Win

This half-ounce pouch of Pai Gow #9 from Union Electric is a daytime smoker’s euphoric dream.

IN REVIEW: Each pouch of Union Electric’s pre-ground Pai Gow #9 comes with 14 grams of pine and fruit scented flower. The fact that it’s ground, trimmed and ready to roll with an accompanying pack of Union Electric rolling papers makes it as easy a high as any we’ve seen, and the uplifting and energizing effects from this sativa will have you crossing items off of a to-do list in haste. So if you’ve been looking for the perfect on-the-go flower that won’t slow you down, this 20.45% THC task rabbit should be at the top of your list.

This pre-ground flower from Union Electric remains my favorite strain named after a Vegas card game in which I lost half of my tuition money one fateful evening many years ago. But one cannot change the past. At best, all we can do is hope to improve our hand in the present. And I can hardly think of a better way to do that than rolling up a joint of this Pai Gow #9 before settling into an energetic and euphoric wave of unencumbered joy.

An energetic and euphoric wave of unencumbered joy.

It helps that this half-ounce pouch comes with its own bespoke rolling papers as well. So for fans of hand rolling, this pouch is for you. And for fans of easygoing and ground-down sativa flower, this pouch is also for you.

Upon opening up this 14-gram Union Electric satchel of fun, one is struck with a delightful waft of pine and fruit. And as someone who enjoys rolling his own joints, I appreciated the super finely ground flower and satin smooth flavor. Pai Gow #9 works well as a daytime high by giving you equal parts euphoria and energy without ever feeling like you’re not in control. It became an able helper on a Sunday spent doing house chores and listening to old vinyl records.

Thankfully, this was a clear-headed high that allowed me to focus intently on the task at hand. Unfortunately, one of those tasks was installing a new ceiling fan which is nowhere near as easy as the instructions implied. In fact, I wanted to set fire to the fan and the box it came in at a certain point. But the healing properties of mother ganja brought me back from the precipice, and I was able to just take a deep breath and approach things one step at a time.

When this long-neglected house chore finally got addressed and we had a working ceiling fan on our hands, I felt a giant wave of accomplishment wash over me. And as a reward, I rolled myself another Pai Gow joint and tried my luck at another task. This time I started to enjoy myself more. Having just purchased a new turntable, I dug into some old crates and found some classic records. The next hour was just me, a paint can, a brush, a half-gram joint of the Gow, and the soothing sounds of Stevie Wonder. Painting our guest room had become a zen, and dare I say, fun, project.

This high gave me the wherewithal to tackle complex projects, and more importantly, finish them. This is a sativa flower at its most sativa-ness. It was a day spent ticking things off the ol’ to-do list and relishing that fact. Instead of the usual approach of dreading it with antipathy. Who says you can’t make monotonous tasks fun? Just add music and ganja, and get going!

This high gave me the wherewithal to tackle complex projects.

Pai Gow #9 from Union Electric brings on a consistent and protracted sense of optimism that can translate into some real world progress. For those who are experienced smokers, I would recommend this for your workday or tackling personal projects.

It’s a manageable high that doesn’t bring on any anxiety or drowsiness, meaning this would also be a good bet to bring along outdoors, whether that be a sports activity, concert or friendly get together. It’s just enough of a pick-me-up to add a little productivity and/or recreational fun to your day.

My final recommendation would be that if you are to smoke Pai Gow #9, perhaps refrain from playing Pai Gow unless you’re playing for toothpicks. Losing a paycheck is a buzzkill no matter how good the weed is. Making this more of a joint rollers, instead of a high rollers, delight.

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September 28th, 2022
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